How to Clean a Hot Tub without Draining It

Cleaning a hot tub involves an essential task for keeping your hot tub maintained and hygiene. Not only will it prevent skin irritations and rashes, but it will also maintain good hygiene for anybody using it. However, the task that involves draining the water and filling it back is tedious.  Fortunately, today it is quite … Read more

How to Build a Wood Fired Hot Tub

how to build a wood fired hot tub

Owning а hot tub is а dream come true for рeорle, and if уоu wаnt tо save money by building оne yоurself, а wood-fired mоdel is оne оf the most роpular орtiоns because it is both the most traditional аnd, in mаny саses, the most аffоrdаble. I will try to give you the simplest explanation … Read more

How to Level a Hot Tub? Complete Guide

How to Level a Hot Tub? complete guide

There are several leveling options for hot tubs. Well, here I am going to try to give you the simplest explanation regarding ‘How to level a hot tub’? I will guide you through hot tub installation and different types of leveling options.  Leveling your hot tub before the installation process is very important to avoid … Read more

How Long Can You Stay in a Hot Tub?

Nothing is better than enjoying yourself in a hot tub at your house after a long day at work. It is always the best idea to relax and eliminate all the stress from your body. If you don’t know, it also works as hydrotherapy and has a lot of advantages. But it’s important to know … Read more

Hot tub Brands to Avoid: Complete Guide

Hot tub Brands to Avoid

Having a hot tub in your backyard not only raises the value of your property but is also relaxing to sit in after a long day’s work. However, things can quickly turn South if you end up buying a poor-quality hot tub that isn’t durable or has tons of maintenance issues. But don’t you worry, we … Read more

How Much does a Hot Tub Weigh?

Hot tubs are the most relaxing things you can have in your house. At the end of the day, soaking into the hot tub can melt away your stress. But even before you can cherish the joys of a hot tub, you will have to ask the most common logical question, how much does a … Read more

How Many amps does a Hot Tub use?

How Many amps does a Hot Tub use: complete guide

Having a hot tub on your property is a dream come true for many. Not only does a hot tub increase the value of your property, but it’s also extremely comfortable and relaxing. Plus, there are multiple health benefits of using a tub. However, before you can buy a hot tub, it’s essential to know … Read more

How Long can a Hot Tub go without Power?

How Long can a Hot Tub go without Power?

Hot Tubs are not only completely molded but also entirely insulated. If you lack electricity, simply encompass your hot tub until the power is restored. During the winter, it is recommended that the temperature be kept at a level of 100 degrees. If there is a power interruption, temperature loss is low, and the system … Read more

Does a Hot Tub Heat Faster with Jets On?

Does a hot tub heat faster with jets on?

Whether you’re the delighted proprietor of a novel hot tub or you’re emptying and refilling your spa as a portion of your monthly servicing routine, every spa enthusiast eventually has the same question: Does a hot tub heat faster with jets on? We understand. Nobody enjoys waiting in a spa filled with chilly water for … Read more