Best Hot Tubs 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

After a tiring day’s work, the only thing you need is a relaxing bath and a massage targeting your sore back muscles. 

Now, what if you could join them both?

Yeah! Now it’s possible in your very own hot tub! A hot tub is an investment for your home if you want to enjoy spa-like relaxation without having to go to a spa. 

However, choosing the right tub can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. To that end, we have selected seven top products after carefully researching their pros and cons. Additionally, there is a buying guide to aid your buying decision. 

So let’s begin!

Best Hot tubs of 2021 for Relaxing Bath

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Colemon portable hot tub is the people choice hot tub with the best in class features. It is a 4 seater hot tub and can be carried during the travel.

The bottom of the hot tub comes with a cushion and it is for quite comfortable and it also comes to a sturdy I-beam construction which makes the walls of the hot tub sturdy.

Adding to it, most of the reviewers are awestruck with the easy installation procedure following the guide or the online video tutorial unlike other hot tubs which involves tedious installation procedure.

Finally buyers feel that it is worth the investment one never regrets on! If you are looking to shop for a hot tub – without a second thought go for it!


✅ Lighter weight
✅ Easy to use
✅ Affordable compared to other products with the same features
✅ Spa kind of experience
✅ Easy maintenance
✅ Can be dismantled when not in use and save space


❌ Consumes more electricity
❌ Bubbles are loud and noisy to use at night time
❌ Comfortable only for 2-3 people in it

Our Verdict

As per the price, convenience and features this product is definitely a must buy

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

This is one of the most popular budget hot tubs. It can fit in 2-4 people, so it is ideal for a relaxing time with friends and family. Bestway has featured a premium quality heating system in this unit. 

The system warms up the tub quickly and safely up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. An easy-to-use control panel is installed along with 120 jets to produce relaxing bubbles. 

The hot tub is feature-loaded, highly portable, and is thus a must-look-into option. 

High-tech fabric has been used in the manufacturing of this product.

The fabric is sourced from a polyester mesh core placed between laminated PVC. It is much stronger than most materials currently available in the market. 

I-bean construction style has been used in this unit’s making so that it won’t puncture easily. You can sit on the tub and lean on the sides without worrying about it bending. 

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub has all the required accessories to keep it clean. Finally, you can inflate the tub with your air pump. It requires no additional accessories.


✅ Features filter cartridge, cover, and chemical filter
✅ It can accommodate about 2-4 people
✅ Easy to setup. No additional tools required
✅ Holds up to 176 gallons of water
I-Bean construction wall


❌ The product might get clogged if not maintained properly.
❌ It is not very spacious.

Our Verdict

As per the price, convenience and features this product is definitely a must buy

Hudson Bay Spa (6 Person) with Stainless Jets

If you are looking for a big hot tub with the best features this hot tub from Hudson Bay is the best choice. It has the ability in retention of heat and come with a synthetic material and high density foam insulation.

It can be plugged to a fixed outlet and used with a basic water maintenance before using it. 6 people can definitely use it comfortably as it has individual seatings for 6.

It has a temperature control with a very simple and easy operation and turbo seating to enjoy the therapy kind of experience.


✅ No installation required. Plug and use
✅ Big and comfortable
✅ Classy look
✅ Operates with no sound
✅ Good water over flow
✅ Comparatively low and very affordable price.


❌ There are no much of a cons for the product except that it is highly priced.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a long lasting with the best spa kind of experience even after years with low maintenance and less trouble to keep moving the hot tub as per the weather.

Intex 28431E PureSpa Plus

This hot tub is an excellent choice for families looking for an inexpensive yet unique hot tub. If you have looked for hot tubs before, you know a standard 6-seater hot tub can at least cost $15000. But thankfully, you get Intex 28431E PureSpa Plus at a fraction of that price! 

Though the tub does not have as many jets as PureSpa 28409E, you can barely tell the difference. The tub has a total of 170 jets that gives the ultimate spa-like feel. 

Besides keeping you and your friends relaxed and comfortable, this hot tub features a built-in hard water treatment, one of the most intriguing features of this tub. Now you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin and clothes while you relax and enjoy your spa day. 

This hot tub comes with all the things you need to run and maintain your hot tub. These include insulated cover, heater, blower, colorful LED lights, filter cartridge inflation hose carry bags, the whole deal. 

You can set this hot tub up in less than 20 minutes, deflate it in no time, and get it ready for storage or transportation. Thanks to its hi-tech fabric, it can be used in all seasons. 


✅ Perfect for people living in cold areas
✅ Features great insulation
✅ Easy to set up
✅ Bubbles form effortlessly and adjust the water temperature
✅ Quiet filter included


❌ Filter fails to clean the water at times.
❌ Heating takes a bit of time.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a hot tub for occasional use, this is the one you should opt for.

VidaXL Spa Surround Weather Resistant Steel Frame Garden Backyard Patio Hot Tub

Aesthetically this poly rattan hot tub looks fantastic and has versatile accessories that turn this hot tub into a multi-functional spa. 

The hot tub has an in-built storage area and an additional section cutout for a power pack. The tub has a surrounding space that is ideal for keeping your essential things within arm’s reach. 

A sturdy and robust steel frame has been used to construct this hot tub, which is covered by a weatherproof eucalyptus hardwood frame. The arrangement can handle heavy traffic and is highly durable.  

Though the tub is shipped flat, setting it up is not a problem. The package includes all the tools and attachments required for that purpose.


✅ Easy to set up
✅ Comprehensive user instructions.
✅ Excellent after-sales service.


❌ The tub is not weatherproof.

Our Verdict

 Ideal for people looking for a spa-like tub.

ALEKO HTIR6BKWH Round Inflatable Hot Tub

The hot tub from Aleko is said to work effectively as a pain reliever. It works effectively to remove pain and helping one to fall asleep quick with the gentle and subtle massage effect.

Ideal thickness and fine materials are used which last long. This is one of the personal choices for many users who are very much happy with the way it works. The bubble jet with 130 speeds is a wow experience after a tiring day. This is mostly intended to use outdoor for efficient use of its key features.

This comes with a additional foil to long the heat for more time.

When I get to research on this hot tub I got to know many happy stories from the users.


✅ Comes with a password lock
✅ Spa experience
✅ Quality and dimensions of the tub


❌ Price is a bit high but worth it

Our Verdict

To the users who suffer from severe muscle pains from years with no result try considering this for a immediate relaxation and to forget the pain.

Coleman 15442-BW SaluSpa:

Besides the affordable price, multiple unique features make the Coleman 15442-BW SaluSpa one of the best hot tub models on the market.

It is one of the qualitative products in this category and features about 114 jets that provide the ultimate relaxing bubble massage. Like the other hot tubs manufactured by this brand, Coleman 15442-BW SaluSpa can also heat water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, the product has the right amount of structural stability. 

Once inflated, you can use the two side handles to maneuver the tub quickly. One of the most striking things about this hot tub is that it comes with multiple accessories. Many of its competitors don’t offer a standard tub so much, but this one breaks the wall in this category. 

Apart from the air pad protector, filter cartridge, and chemical floater, the tub also features a control panel the automatically controls the pump. Manufactured from TriTech material, this tub is sturdy enough to seat four people comfortably.


✅ Includes a sizable accessory kit
✅ Features a repair kit
✅ Has 114 jets installed
✅ It comes with an in-built air chamber
✅ There are safety lock pins


❌ Water temperature falls rapidly
❌ It takes some time to heat up

Our Verdict

Perfect for people looking for a feature-loaded tub at a balanced price along with premium quality spa accessories.

Bestway SaluSpa 71″ x 26″ Helsinki AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

This is ideal for people who enjoy a wood finish spa-tub with similar portability features as an inflated one. 

The Bestway SaluSpaHelsinki AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub is made of highly durable tri-tech material that does not fold due to extra weight. 

Looks can be deceiving for this spa tub. Helsinki AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub looks like a high-end wood finish spa but can be moved around very easily. Even setting it up is easy. You only need to blow it up, plug it and fill it!

Besides, it looks, the tub has some unique, sought-after features. For instance, this is one of the very few tubs that feature an aluminum coating. This coating keeps the water heated for long hours. It also features an air-jet bubble system that provides the most relaxing massage with heated water. 

The tub can accommodate up to seven people, which makes this product all the more desirable.


✅ Includes an inflating pump
✅ Easy to lift and maneuver
✅ It features a drain valve to release water
✅ Extra cushion support on the tub floor


❌ Requires a lot of electricity to work.

Our Verdict

Ideal for tool people looking for a comfortable setup that does not look like an inflated tub.

The Essential Integrity 4-5 Person Plug And Play Hot Tub

You have three color options with this range, gray, cobblestone, and millstone. The most intriguing feature of this tub is its octagonal shape. Owing to its shape, it can add some interesting dimensions to your patio. 

Made out of resin, this hot tub is very lightweight and portable. However, the material is of premium quality, perfect for a high-end insulated tub. 

The tub features a plug-and-play design. In other words, you fill it up, plug the unit into the outlet and hop in to enjoy your time. 

However, unlike the different hot tubs in the market with a single horsepower pump, this one features a 1x 1.5 horsepower pump! Thus the water is pumped with the right amount of therapeutic force. 

Finally, the stainless steel heater will keep the water heated for you in all seasons.


✅ Smooth and durable design
✅ Ideal for 4-5 people
✅ Features shooting back and foot jets
✅ Includes a play and plug design.


❌ It can be improved aesthetically.
❌ Lacks a contoured, comfortable seating.

Our Verdict

Though lookwise, it requires some work, it’s an ideal choice for people looking for an easy to use and durable unit.

ALEKO HTIR4BRW Round Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

This tub has a 210-gallon water capacity that four people can use at a time. You can heat the water up to 108 degrees at a go. However, the heating time varies as per the amount of water you fill in. 

It functions as an ideal spa tub. If you are suffering from joint or muscle pain or sleeplessness, a few hours in this spa can solve all of your issues. The 100-130 bubble jets coupled with the cushioned floor provides the ideal relaxation. 

There are some fantastic built-in features of this unit; the noteworthy ones are a 1500 watt power pack, a 900-watt heater along with a 600-watt bubble feature, and an AC filter pump. 

Finally, you can control all the aspects of this tub from its digital control panel.


✅ Highly durable
✅ Easy to setup
✅ Plug and play option included
✅ Features an Opera digital panel


❌ Needs better customer service
❌ The capacity is small

Our Verdict

Ideal for couples looking for a powerful spa in a square hot tub.

Best Hot Tubs Buying Guide

While you are researching the perfect hot tub, you need to consider a few points to ensure that you are buying the product ideal for your use. 

To that end, looking into a few aspects helps your decision. 

Size of the tub:

Do not only go by the number of seats the unit includes; keep your eyes open to check the water capacity as well. Some models might claim to be 5-6 seaters, but the water capacity in no way supports the numbers. Ideally, choose a hot tub that offers 225-250 liter per bather. Going by that calculation, a six-seater hot tub must have 1350-1500 liter of water. 

Space consideration:

Even before you head out to buy your hot tub, consider the space that you have. This is important to avoid purchasing any model that might increase the dimensions. Additionally, measure the amount of space you want around the tub as well. 

You need to be extra cautious if you are planning to set up the unit indoors. In case you are planning to have the unit installed within the house, select a well-ventilated room with condensation control options.


The upkeep of your tub will depend on the type of tub you are buying. You need to buy a tub that you can maintain yourself. The jets get especially tricky to clean. So either you can opt for one unit with fewer jets or look for professional help. 


The seating ergonomics is crucial, especially if you are looking forward to maximizing the physical and therapeutic benefits of having a hot tub. To that end, consider what the manufacturer says about the ergonomics of a unit before buying one. 


As per Jacuzzi, one of the leading brands in the trade, the jets’ placement is far more important than their quality. Properly placed jets can massage your body better than tubs that shoot water in every direction. The jets’ power is generally in terms of the horsepower of the circulating pump. Thus this is another technical spec that you need to give special attention to. 

Water capacity:

Besides considering the number of people a tub can fit in a go, it’s essential to determine the unit’s water capacity. Generally, most tubs can hold about 400 gallons of water which is enough. Do bear in mind that the larger the tub’s water capacity, the more time it will require for filling and draining. 


Hot tubs are luxury products and are thus costly. Keeping that in mind, if you are planning on buying one, you would want it to be a one-time investment. It’s not possible to keep on replacing one within short intervals. Thus you need a durable product. Premium quality hot tubs can last for over a decade without any fixing. A hot tub made of fiberglass lasts the longest. However, they need to be cleaned and maintained properly. 

It’s essential to check the warranty while dealing with durability. Most hot tubs give about 20 years of warranty, so discuss this point with the seller.

Types of Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tub: As the name suggests, these are the easiest ones to inflate and use. These are straightforward to set up; however; they may not have a lot of features. 

Uni-cast installed hot tub: Like acrylic hot tubs, uni-cast hot tubs are durable and are often lighter than acrylic ones. However, they don’t have a glossy look and are not as energy efficient as their acrylic counterparts.

Wooden hot tub: Aesthetically, these are super rustic compared to all other hot tubs. Though they are harder to assemble, you get a beautiful setup after installation. But you will have to find other methods to heat these hot tubs, and they don’t have a wide array of features as well. 

Acrylic material tubs: These are durable and feature different designs. Acrylic hot tubs are the sturdiest ones in the lot. 

What’s the need for Hot Tub

People tend to call it as a life saver. In one word for a Instant relief. Example: A person travelling from morning to evening to different places and meeting different people or a person who whose work involves serenity lifestyle, by the end of the day body becomes sore and difficult to move. One cannot even convenient walk in for a spa or a body massage. A person having hot tub at home is no more sleep deprived.

Hot tub has become a basic necessity in one life. Earlier hot tubs are meant to be a luxury product now it is a must have with the affordable pricing and great features like Gentle, Subtle, pressure point massages one would not miss the soothing experience of this.

With the increase in demand and the service centers also tend to work effectively and we can even now get the spare parts easily without much effort unlike earlier days. Also the cleaning, maintenance methods are also simple and hassle free.

Who should use Hot Tubs

  • The main purpose of hot tubs is stress relief. If you are suffering from insomnia, weight loss, knee pain, body pain, muscle strength or high blood pressure then definitely hot tubs would give a sort of relief and minimizes the pain. On regular usage of hot tub for a 30 -40 mins the diabetes level are said be in control.
  • Insomnia has become a common problem these day and hardly has proper medicationjFor adults suffering from insomnia from many years tend to get relieved with hot tubs.
  • Hot tub has no side or negative effects until it is used in a proper way with regular maintenance and hard water should be treated regularly.
  • Elderly people suffering from heart pain or any heart diseases should avoid using hot tubs
  • Eliminates lower back pain and arthritis quickly in no time
  • Pregnant women need to consult doctor before using hot tub. Can be used only if suggested to use by the Doctor
  • Hot tub also keeps the family and friends together and away from the gadgets. It tends to increase the bond or relation between the partners with the ideal time spend together with the soothing relaxing treatment
  • Hot tub also tones your body and helps in confidence building and which helps you to present yourself in a better way. Confidence is the key to success.
  • For fun and to have a playful family time also hot tubs can be used.

Final Verdict: In these busy lives it is really tough to go out for a spa each time. There is no doubt or a second thought to tell that hot tubs gives relaxation to body, mind and soul.

All the bath tubs seem to work for relaxation, however the quality and efficiency of the product differs with the price and features. Before a purchase one need to carefully choose and shop for the right one as per the requirement and with increase in size and features of the hot tub the price also tend to increase.

Hot tubs are even more affordable these days with the increase in demand and it is a must have to de-stress naturally. Now hot tubs are everyone favorite. If you are de-stressed from inside you look naturally happy. Happy inside results to Happy outside.

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