Best LED Shower Heads 2021 Reviews, Pros & Cons

Of course, you want your home to look impressive; we all do. But wouldn’t it be awesome to have a beautiful bathroom as well? 

How can you do that, anyway?  

Well, you can amp up your bathroom by installing stylish LED showerheads. The best rain LED shower heads are particularly designed to spice up your showering experience. These are feature-loaded; from controlling the water pressure to changing lights, the entire deal is going to make each shower a spa date! 

But choices available in the market make it hard to pick one. Plus, if you are not careful, you might end up buying a faulty product.

Thus we have handpicked a few showerheads for you after much consideration. We have done the research so that you don’t have to. 

You just need to decide on one.

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Best LED Shower Heads 2021

JinYuZe Luxury 12″ Large Square Stainless Steel LED Rainfall Shower Head for Bathrooms

If you have kids at home and often worried about the temperature of the water then this is product you are looking for. This is a sleek product with huge water flow, comes with a stainless steel finish.

It has built in LED lights and microcontroller which detects the temperature of the water and lights will change according to it. LED lights with flashing red for very hot water, Red for hot water, Blue for cold water and Green for warm water. It requires a minimum water pressure of 0.1 Mpa


✅ Design and Look
✅ Works effectively
✅ Easy to install


❌ Doesn’t work with low water pressure.
❌ In terms of price, little expensive

Our Verdict on JinYuZe Luxury LED Shower Head

If you are looking for a eye pleasing stuff to retransform the look of your bathroom which lasts long and works efficient then this is definitely a must buy.

Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 4 Inch 5 Function LED Handheld Shower Head

This is my personal favorite showerhead. Ana Bath Led Shower Head just has all the right features and buyers would just fall in love with this LED showerhead. The blue light soothes the body and mind. It does not require any additional battery for LED and self operates with the water.

It comes with a handheld shower and a adjustable shower head too and both can be used simultaneously and adjusting accordingly. Adding to it, user can opt for multiple spray settings as per his wish. It can be Rain spray, bubbling spray, Massage spray or a mix of any 2. Isn’t it that amazing?

It is an easy to fix shower head with no additional setup during installation and make the shower experience a fun and a soothing one. It also cut down your costs as it efficiently saves water.


✅ Spray settings
✅ Easy Installation
✅ Multiple features


❌ No temperature display of color for LED showerhead, just 1 color
❌ Limited warranty

Our Verdict on Ana Bath LED Handheld Shower Head Rating

If you want to make your Kids to love taking shower this is definitely a must buy they would love this unique Ana Bath’s LED shower head.

DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall-LED-Shower-Head

DreamSpa LED shower head is kid’s favorite and provide a joyful bathing experience with the rainfall effect and a standard format of color changing temperature display. It comes with a premium finish and high speed pressure of water gives a real drenching in the rainfall experience.

The angle can be adjusted accordingly as per the user convenience. The name says it all it is a fan shaped 12 inch LED shower head with a artistic look.


✅ Easy to setup
✅ Affordable
✅ Premium look
✅ High speed wide water pressure soothes the body


❌ Mild sound after using it for a while.
❌ Works effectively only for 6 months after which few users faced issues with the water pressure and temperature sensors.

Our Verdict on Dream Spa LED Shower Head

If your choice is a high speed water pressure with a rainfall effect and within a specific budget then with no second thoughts you can go for this LED shower head from DreamSpa

Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head

This is a combo of LED shower head and LED handheld with high water pressure by automatically injecting oxygen into the water flow. It has 7 color changing setting which changes automatically every few seconds and 4 water flow settings which includes Rain, Massage, combination of 2 and a water saving mode.

The handheld shower can be removed and used accordingly as per the choice. The material used is highly durable chrome plated ABS, Stainless steel.

Turn off the bathroom lights and enjoy the pleasurable warmth shower with the dim lights from the shower. This does not require any additional batteries to operate.


✅ Shower head and handheld combo.
✅ Water pressure settings.
✅ Water saving mode.


❌ Using both the showers at once tends to affect the water pressure.
❌ Takes a while to change the mode of settings.

Our Verdict on Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head

This can be effectively used for all age groups at comfort level as it comes with a handheld shower too.

Rozin Bathroom Rainfall 12-inch Shower Head

Rozin 12 inch LED shower head adds beauty to your bathroom and provide a real rainfall experience and high pressure of water energizes your body to kick start your day. This is a regular square shaped big shower head with brass material and color indicator for water temperature.

This temperature indicator for this shower head from Rozin works without any battery and color changes with the water temperature.


✅ Quality of the product last long.
✅ Easy replacement provided by the manufacture for faulty products.


❌ Bit noisy during usage.

Our Verdict on Rozin Bathroom Rainfall 12-inch Shower Head LED

This is a traditional temperature indicator shower head which last long without any faults and definitely value for money.

Led Shower Head – Rainfall 3 Color Changing 12” Fixed Showerheads

Give your bathroom a royal look with the best quality and high finish LED shower head by Hiendure. The body of the shower head comes with a rust-free stainless steel material.

It is a sleek shower head with 196 nozzles which doubles your showering experience in a better way. It gives complete body coverage with a rainfall effect and a high water pressure. This gives a modern look to your bathroom.


✅ Water pressure from nozzles.
✅ Life time breakage warranty is provided by the Manufacturer.
✅ Quality of the products.


❌ Slightly pricey compared to other showerheads with the same features.

Our Verdict on Rainfall 3 Color Changing 12” Fixed Showerheads

If your choice is a standard showerhead with modern look and top preference is quality, then this is the right product for you to consider

Ehauuo LED Shower Head 12 Inch Square

The Ehauuo LED Shower Head 12 Inch Square has twelve LED lights attached evenly on the sides. The ambiance created by this LED showerhead makes the perfect ending to a tiring day. 

One catch of this LED shower head is that the lights are powdered with flowing water. So they don’t require batteries to operate. 

The showerhead includes temperature readout options. There is a sensor installed within the unit, and it is, of course, color-based. Blue stands for the range of one degree to thirty-one degrees, purple for the range of thirty-two to forty-three degrees, and red represents the higher temperatures. 

The flashing red light alerts that the water temperature is close to fifty-one degrees. 

Ehauuo LED Shower Head has a premium quality product built. It comes with a stainless body and chrome polish finish. The plating is thick and scratch-resistant. So you need not work hard on its maintenance. 

Since it is a big showerhead, it uses ultra-thin technology to push the water pressure. A total of 196 nozzles are included in the showerhead, all powered with self-cleaning and anti-clogging options. 

The inner filter fitted within the showerhead stops sand and other fine debris from entering the shower. The flow rate is about 2 GPM. 


✅ Big 12 inch shower head.
✅ Self-cleaning and anti-clogging nozzles included.
✅ Three light change option for temperature indication.


❌ The unit does not include an instruction manual.
❌ Sharp edges make it difficult to use the product.

Our Verdict on Ehauuo LED Shower Head 12 Inch Square

Are you looking for an easy installation LED showerhead? Then this is ideal for you.

Suguword 16 Inch LED Square Rain Shower Head:

If you liked the look of Zovajonia but wished it was bigger, then Suguword 16 Inch LED Square Rain Shower Head is perfect for you! 

 This showerhead is very sturdy, made out of stainless steel. No plastic or any fragile parts have been used in the manufacturing of this unit. 

Unlike some showerheads, this one won’t rust or corrode anytime soon. The LED lights are installed within the showerhead and work effortlessly with the water pressure.

It comes with a temperature sensor for the perfect bath to cap off your long day. No more constantly worrying about the water temperature. The color-changing LEDs alert you of the water temperature. 

The color scheme of the LED is similar to most LEDs in the market. A rotatable ball joint links the waterlines to the showerhead. So, now you can rotate the showerhead as per your need. 

Installing the unit is also pretty straightforward. You can get it done yourself with the help of the easy-to-understand user manual.

For those looking for a relaxing bath, the 16×16 size of the showerhead works wonders. The nozzles included are of premium quality and won’t clog. To prevent lime and dirt from gathering on the nozzles, the manufacturer has made it silicon coated. Eliminating water wastage is the need of the hour. To that end, the showerhead uses a water flow of 2.5 GPM which saves around 30% of water. 


✅ Premium quality stainless steel construction.
✅ The unit has a brushed nickel and chrome look.
✅ Provides strong and consistent water pressure.


❌ It has only one water setting.
❌ Lacks a temperature display.

Our Verdict on Suguword 16 Inch LED Square Rain Shower Head:

Ideal for those looking for a stylish and we’ll functioning showerhead in an affordable price range.

HotelSpa Giant 10″ Rainfall Color-Changing LED Shower Head

The showering experience is just breathtaking with this premium product. No more worries of too high or too low! Adjust the shower head as per your height. It comes with an adjustable extension arm which can be adjusted accordingly can also increase the height of the shower head to one inch.

Adjust the direction and height conveniently. High performance and best in class design which adds style and class to your bathroom. The height adjustment and position adjustments are quite easy and comfortable to fix accordingly.

This is the most latest and favorite head shower ever for its unique features. Colors of the LED light changes according to the water temperature.


✅ Height adjustable feature.
✅ Spa experience.


❌ Few users tend to experience the leakage issue from the shower head.

Our Verdict on HotelSpa Rainfall Color-Changing LED Shower Head

If you are planning to buy a shower head where all the members of the family can use it with no issues then this is the top choice. Both parents and kids can use it.

12 Inch Rain LED Shower Head, NearMoon

This is one of the most affordable shower head with the best features by NearMoon. 12 inch big shower head which can cover the entire body and gives a real soothing experience with 150 silicon nozzles and has air in technology to increase the water pressure and for water saving.

Easy to install and no more tension of cleaning as it comes with self cleaning silicon nozzles and can go with the any shower. This is one of the best head shower head which can be easily maintained and one can experience best showering experience.


✅ Price.
✅ Water saving technology.
✅ Quality.


❌ No water temperate indicator.

Our Verdict on 12 Inch Rain LED Shower Head, NearMoon

If you are looking for a low maintenance head shower with the best features this is a must buy.

Best LED Shower Heads Buying Guide

Before you buy a fancy LED showerhead, there are a few things that you should consider. 


This one of the prime deciding factors in any purchase and so applies to LED showerheads too. However, it’s not advisable to base your decision solely on this one factor. 

For instance, if you come across two showerheads in the same price range, you will need to opt for one that offers the most features. Apart from the price, other important considerations such as the warranty should be a part of your buying decision too. 


Since you will have to assemble the unit, it is useless buying a product that is difficult to install. 

Pro tip: Look for a LED showerhead that comes with its own kit so that you don’t need anything extra to install it. 

While buying online, look for products that mention ” no tool required for installation.” These units are usually easy to set-up.

Temperature concern:

This is one of the most sought-after features of an LED showerhead. Temperature readout comes in very handy while bathing small kids and pets. You can just look at the temperature readout to see if the water is hot or cold. 

Of course, over time, you will understand the temperature requirement of your ideal shower. With this feature, you can finally stop the guesswork with the water setting and move the control valves back and forth! 

The number of lights:

The more the number of LED lights in a showerhead, the brighter it will be. So, if you want a bright light check out how many lights a showerhead has before buying. 

Additionally, also note where within the showerhead these lights are located. The positioning of the light will determine whether it will light up a certain stream of water or a larger area. Check out the color change option too. Some options will have only one color change option, while others will have 3. 


Of course, you are looking for a showerhead that has LED lights, but that should not be your sole concern. The design is important. You want the showerhead to look smart, attractive, and overall unique. 

Thankfully, you will not fall short of options when it comes to the design of the showerhead. The best-looking ones come with a chrome or polished finish. There look unique even during the daytime. 

Pro tip: Don’t opt for a showerhead that is too bulky and has lots of knobs and buttons. 


An LED showerhead is a one-time investment. Of course, you won’t go buying one frequently. So when you do buy one, make sure it’s sturdy built and long-lasting. Look for products made out of stainless steel ABS plastic and chrome finish. These materials hold up for a longer time. The warranty period also gives a strong hint about the sturdiness of the product. 


Options are always great when it comes to the water flow of your LED showerhead. There are some showerheads that actually increase the power of the water spray. These work out great for spot massages. However, you need a gentler water spray while bathing children and pets. So, look for an LED shower head that allows you to have such controls.

Proper seal:

Once you assemble and set-up your showerhead, you want to seal it at once. Naturally, you won’t want water spraying all over the place. To avoid such nuisances, opt for showerhead kits that include an O ring and multiple seals. Or opt for units that have been designed in a way that does not leak. 

Types of LED Shower Head

Fixed LED Shower head
Handheld LED shower head
Adjustable LED shower head
High Pressure LED Shower head
Fixed LED Shower head

Shower heads are fixed and only the position can be adjusted accordingly. There are the regular and traditional types of shower heads which indicate the water temperature are per the LED color. However these come in different sizes and inches which cover the whole body and give your bathroom a lavish look.

Adding to it, partners tend to have some romantic time under these fixed LED shower head due to its water pressure setting and the lighting effects from LED. These are bigger and give a better performance. Most of the buyers tend to opt to fixed LED shower heads due to the longevity and features.

Handheld LED shower head

These are the latest shower heads which comes with a fixed unit and a hand held shower head where both can be used simultaneously. Handheld shower head is used for massage or spa kind of experience.

They make the bathing experience more fun. Couples too can have some relaxing time under the shower or parents can easily shower their kids using both the showers.

This is a multi benefit shower head as you can use the handheld shower head as per your choice. How close you want the water pressure or at what particular distance you wish for.

Adjustable LED shower head

To remove the troubles and make the showering experience more user friendly to all the members of the family a advanced and latest type of adjustable shower head, with the you can adjust not just the position of the shower head but also the height of the shower head accordingly.

If you are 5 inches and you have a partner who is 6 inches tall then no more worry about it. Adjust it as per your height. Most of the adjustable shower heads as easy to fix and change the position.

They don’t consume more time to do the repositioning. Most of the best performing shower heads are 12 inches and are fixed at a height so users with shorter height are unable to use the exact benefits of the shower head. Adjustable LED shower head serves the purpose with it adjustable feature.

High Pressure LED Shower head

High pressure shower heads are intended to illuminate sober or dullness and to brighten the day. The high pressure water from the nozzles relaxes and soothes the body and mind.

It gives massage feel at the points required and provides a relaxing experience. Most of the buyers tend to shop for high pressure shower heads due to its advanced features however before you purchase a high pressure shower head you need to check with the water supply and water pressure at home.

If they are not supported purchasing a high pressure shower head would be of no use. Make sure that the water pressure of good before you choose to buy a high pressure shower head.

These are the different types of shower heads however in each type there are different variants and features as per the price of the product. It is said that higher that price and features complement each other.

What’s the Need for LED Shower Heads?

• Firstly, we all want to make our home as beautiful as possible with great ambience. Kitchen and bathroom are the most important places to consider. LED shower heads are a style statement will enhance the look of the bathrooms and make them look stylish.

• Parents with kids at home so be relaxed with these LED shower heads as they automatically trigger the water temperature. No more worry!

• Including adults find it boring and tend to feel lazy to shower at times! LED shower heads would make showering fun. Lazy people at home definitely need these LED shower heads.

• The LED light from shower tends to inculcate positive vibes in the start of the day.

• Check the temperature of the water is easier than ever.

• Therapy and steam features plays are predominant role in LED shower head

• Shower heads with blow bubble are way more attractive and kids would instantly love it. Bubbles are fun.

LED shower heads is definitely needed to warm up and soothes the body. It can be considered as a investment

Who should use LED Shower Head?

Anyone who is bored of regular stereotype showerhead can choose LED shower head. Adults can get benefitted with the soothing effect, massage showers, spa feel, and the warm lights from the shower to start a fresh day, whereas kids can enjoy and have fun time with the unique LED shower heads.

LED Lights would mean a playful time; relieve the tension of checking the water temperature as the light would do that part for us. So no bar anyone who would want to make the showering experience better can use LED shower heads.

Most of us would skip taking shower on lazy days Inspite of the fact that a good shower would relieve stress and depression, improves blood circulation, and removes toxins from the body as it is a boring task. Yes, to revamp showering experience and bid bye to lazy weekends LED shower head is a must buy.

One who wishes to know when it is safe to enter the shower with it LED indicator. They add value and luxury look to your bathroom.

Final Verdict: LED shower heads is a unique invention as the latest technology is used in it. Due to its prominent features we see people from different locations using these LED shower heads.

Earlier these were restricted only to rich people but now these are widely available in a decent and affordable price. Always consider the best quality and performing shower head.

These are a must have in every house to make the showering experience better. Never falls to low price or cheap quality products choose from the list of top listed shower heads and make a wise shopping decision which would make each morning a fresh start and no more insomnia days with it subtle lighting effects.

Good bye to stereotype showers with these LED shower heads!

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