Best Low Flow Shower Heads 2021 Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Your day’s shower often sets your mood. Think about it, after a tough day of work, relaxing under the shower does de-stress you, right? 

However, in the long run, you might get all guilty for the water waste. Plus, your government might not allow you to use a lot of water to keep you on your toes. Fortunately, you can still enjoy a relaxing shower, for we have picked out the best well-designed showerheads that save water and relax you at the same time.

We have researched on your behalf! After spending hours collecting reviews from authentic sources and running multiple tests, we have selected seven showerheads that will enhance your bathing experience. 

Best Low Flow Shower Heads of 2021 for Easy Cleanup

Speakman S-4001- E15: The Long Lasting Low Flow Shower Head

The Speakman Reaction is a finely designed shower which is available at different GPM and colours on Amazon and other sites. Being a low flow shower head, it enhances low flow of the water supply which means to experience a lower water pressure.

This low flow shower features a turbine powered engine. It has a single function spray setting which means you cannot adjust the pressure or other feature of the spray.

It has chrome finish which keeps it long lasting and powerful. When it comes to price, it’s a bit expensive compared to other showers but it doesn’t matter if it has all the comfort you look for.


✅ Turbine engine keeps the water more fluffy and better experience.
✅ Chrome finish keeps it long lasting
✅ It swivels which means you can adjust it a bit left, right, up or down as per your comfort.
✅ It has female pipe thread which allows it to be installed with ceiling pile and wall mounting both.


❌ It does not have a flow resistor which means you cannot adjust the flow and pressure of the water.
❌ It has no wall for on and off of the water supply to the shower.

Our Verdict

The shower is a very fine product which is a good choice for you to have low flow of water. Its chrome material makes it more authentic and long lasting. The powerful turbine engine keeps the flow smooth. Through the price seems a bit higher than the usual one but it seems worth it.

High Sierra’s All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead:

High Sierra claims that this showerhead saves 40% water. Besides that, it can save the same amount of heat and energy. In other words, if you use this showerhead, your electricity bill won’t burn your pocket. 

The showerhead offers three flow rates, 1.5, 1.8, and 2.0 GPM. The lower the speed, the greater amount of energy you save. 

The patented design by the company promises a spray of large water droplets. So even if you have a restricted water flow, the showerhead’s performance will not be compromised. 

You can adjust the swivel easily in many angles, even if the showerhead itself is fixed. This makes bathing a lot more flexible. 

Most showerheads available in the market are plastic coated with nickel or chrome, but High Sierra’s is not a part of the crowd in that case. The showerhead has an all-metal body made of brass and stainless steel. Plus, they come coated in different finishes. You can choose from chrome, nickel, polished brass, and oil-rubbed.


✅ Excellent for reducing water use
✅ Provides high water pressure
✅ Super flexible showerhead
✅ Sturdy and well-made unit
✅ It comes with a certified design


❌ It has a narrow spray pattern
❌ The showerhead is noisy

Our Verdict

Ideal for people looking to save water.

HammerHead Showers All Metal Hand Held Shower Head with Hose and Holder

This showerhead is manufactured out of stainless steel that is very durable and lightweight. 

HammerHead’s All Metal Hand Held Showerhead features a solid brass arm that provides quality support to the showerhead. Besides that, it has a 72-inch shower hose that is quite flexible.

Corrosion won’t damage this showerhead as it comes with a corrosion-resistant chrome finish that enhances this unit’s durability. Plus, the showerhead is detachable, so you can dock it on the adjustable shower hook.

HammerHead Showers® ALL METAL LOW FLOW Handheld...
  • ALL METAL & BUILT TO LAST - Unlike the plastic ones that easily...

Thanks to the swivel ball, you can angle the showerhead at any point you want. Plus, it features a low regulator that controls the flow of water and pressure. 

You can adjust the water pressure of the unit too. This particular unit delivers 1.75 GPM of water per minute. 

Finally, cleaning its silicon jet nozzles is also hassle-free.


✅ Highly durable
✅ Features a reasonable water flow rate
✅ Easy to setup
✅ Super lightweight and easy to manage
✅ Extremely flexible hose
✅ Easy to clean jet nozzles


❌ It does not have a high water pressure
❌ The spray pelts
❌ Lacks a slight bent in spray

Our Verdict

The ideal shower head that does not have too many complicated parts and features. 

Aqua Elegante 3 Inch High-Pressure Shower Head

Though this company does not have a household name, you will come across this brand in your research if you are looking for high-pressure showerheads. 

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of this brand is its affordable price range. Unlike other popular showerheads in the running, this won’t cost you a fortune.

The 3-inch head of this showerhead has multiple jets to improve the flow and pressure of the water. Though the housing is ABS plastic, there is a brass ball where it’s required. This unit’s style is also unique. 

You get to enjoy the rush of 42 nozzles, which is way above what comes with a standard 3-inch head. The jets are self-cleaning made of silicon. So you need not spend much time to wipe and clean them. The flow rate of the unit is 1.8 GPM. It also features a flow restrictor. So, you can pop it in a matter of seconds. 

Though screw-in heads are not difficult to install, this unit’s manufacturer has made the work easier. The high-pressure head comes with clear instructions and an easy guide to explain the restrictor removal operations. The showerhead is available in four types and features a five-year warranty.


✅ High-pressure unit
✅ Multiple finishes available
✅ Affordable unit
✅ Features 42 nozzles


❌ Non-adjustable narrow water stream
❌ It does not have a metal finish
❌ Communicating with a live customer service executive is difficult

Our Verdict

 Ideal for people living in areas with low water force. 

Flass Specialities shower head

Once again we have another shower head which has all the features that we demand. Starting from the very first chrome design made up of ABS Plastic body which makes the shower more reliable and durable. It has a small head of just three inches with forty two nozzles.

All these are self cleansing nozzle so you need not to worry the stuff. Its brass fitting saves it from leakage for a longer time period. Once again with the brass swivels, it’s easy to adjust the angle and direction of the shower. One truly Good thing along with this shower is its flow restrictor.

It is removable and it helps to get good pressure from the shower even when water flow is less or high.


✅ Made with ABS plastic, durable
✅ Easy to adjust direction with swivels
✅ Leakage free
✅ Removable flow restrictor which ✅ Helps to adjust water flow
✅ Self cleansing nozzles


❌ Only jet spray is available.
❌ Smaller in size.

Our Verdict

This one shower is quite similar to the one we discussed above and both are equally efficient but this one also has the flow restrictor which allows us to adjust the flow. So now it’s your choice go with one of them.

DELTA 52655: The Low Flow Shower Head with H2O kinetic technology

With the brand new H2o kinetic technology, this showers comes out to be a different version than the others. It has some very essential benefits as well as some shortcomings too. It too has swivels which make the adjustment of direction possible but it does not provide 360 degree rotation.

Its rotation is quite less. It doesnot have any kind of flow restrictor or pressure regulator so it has just one kind of flow and it cannot be changed. It spray is also constant and stays the same. As we have seen some of the shortcomings of this shower head, let’s discuss why it is in the best shower head list.

The brand new H2O technology gives a better and warmer bath. This technology introduces a different mechanism for the water path inside the shower head. This increases the intensity of the water and as a result, we get warmer water better for a bath.

Delta 52655 Water-Efficient Showerhead, Chrome
  • Delta’s proprietary H2Okinetic Technology(R) creates a warmer,...

This technology also spreads out the area coverage of the shower so water sprinkles more and covers the body easily and efficiently. Another interesting thing that happens because of this technology is that the water that comes out of the shower is more in the form of droplets.

This means the water will be softer and the flow is smoother. This also provides one more feature by which we get more pressure of water even with low flow.


✅ High pressure even with low flow of water.
✅ Operates using brand new h20 kinetic technology.
✅ Covers more area.
✅ Smoother flow of water makes it more comfortable.


❌ No flow restrictor makes it difficult to control the flow.
❌ Only one kind of spray
❌ Cannot adjust direction for a larger angle. Rotates only a little angle.

Our Verdict

It operates on a very new and effective H2O kinetic technology which seems to be a better one as it covers more area with low pressure and more intensity. It does not have any flow restrictor and has only one kind of spray but still considered to be a comfortable one.

Waterpik Hand Held Shower Head Eco Flow Low Flow Water Saving Shower

Sometimes, in the shower, you might not need the water running. In such cases, you will either have to turn off the shower or step out of it. However, with Waterpik’s EcoFlow model, you will not have to worry about that. 

For times you don’t want water on you, select the water-saving trickle mode. This slows the flow of water while maintaining the water temperature. 

Waterpik Handheld Shower Head Eco Flow Low Flow...
  • WATER SAVING SHOWER HEAD: 4 setting handheld shower with 3.25...

Apart from that, there are three mode settings you can choose from. These are:

  • Pulsating massage
  • Full-body spray wash
  • Both the modes together

Thanks to its state-of-the-art OptiFLOW technology, you can control the water flow through the showerhead. The flow is limited to 1.6 GPM, which saves both water and energy. 

The nozzles of this showerhead have anti-clogging technology, so they won’t close up due to collecting build-up and keep the water flowing steadily.


✅ Easy to set up.
✅ The unit uses less water than a typical showerhead.
✅ Pause feature is excellent.
✅ Brisk spray ideal for washing long hair.


❌ The swivel model is weak
❌ Cheaply made and flimsy hose
❌ It does not stay tightly latches to the hose

Our Verdict

If you want a multifunctional showerhead with a dribble mode to save water, this is perfect for you.

AM Conservation Group Niagara Conservation N2150

AM Conservation’s N2150 Luxury Spa offers an outstanding performance coupled with a solid and elegant finish. The unit incorporates water-saving regulations certified by WaterSense for its 1.5 GPM water flow rate. This technology saves water without compromising the performance of the unit. 

Though it’s a low-flow showerhead, you are guaranteed to get a strong spray of water regardless of the water pressure. Additionally, the body is all metal with a chrome ball joint. This ensures that the unit is more durable than other showerheads made of cheap plastic. 

The unit features a single spray function. It has an elegant finish and looks that make this unit ideal for home and commercial use. AM Conservation’s N2150 Luxury Spa saves water energy and delivers the strongest spray, which provides the ultimate relaxation. 

Plus, you get to enjoy all this guilt-free without hiking up your utility bills.


✅ The unit is reasonably priced
✅ It has an innovative and sleek look
✅ Easy to install
✅ All metal unit
✅ It has low water usage but provides excellent coverage


❌ It might be too small for a few shower stalls
❌ Water temperature can get reduced

Our Verdict

Ideal for those looking for a high-performance showerhead at an affordable price.

Niagar Earth Massage Low Flow Shower Head with Flow Restrictor

The Shower Head is corrosion free and is made up of ABS plastic which gives it more strength and makes it even more durable. It is available in many flow rates starting from 1.25 gallons per minute to 2.5 gallons per minute. No matter what your flow rate is it can adjust the pressure accordingly.

As the name suggests, it is a massage shower so it must have a higher pressure setting but here you can adjust the pressure.

It allows us to adjust the pressure of the shower flow up to certain extent. The good thing about this shower is that even if we adjust the pressure of the shower, it does not affect the water flow. It means that no matter what pressure you set, the flow of the water into the shower will remain constant. It also provides the flow restrictor so in case you want to adjust the flow of the shower, you can do it easily with the flow restrictor.

There is this one more feature you must know about it. This product is considered a very cheap in prices for the quality and features it offers which also includes the 10 year warranty of the product.


✅ Adjustable pressure setting allows us to maintain the pressure as per our need.
✅ Flow of water remains constant even if we adjust the pressure of the water.
✅ Swivel is available to adjust its direction as per our demand.
✅ Very cheap in price for the quality and feature it offers.
✅ 10 year warranty


❌ No pause setting is available.
❌ Only high pressure setting allowed no other spray function.
❌ Too much high pressure may sometimes feel like rubbing sandpaper.

Our Verdict

this one is a very fine product. It is again a high pressure shower but here, we can adjust the pressure of the shower as per our need. The flow remains the same for all the pressures but it can also be adjusted with the flow restrictor.

Speakman S-2253-E15

One of the primary characteristics of all premium quality high-pressure showerheads is built. This is one area in which Speakman excels. 

Besides that, Speakman’s S-2253-E15 conserves energy and provides the right boost to save water. Though this unit has a screw-on head, it can last for a very long time. Thanks to its solid brass construction, this showerhead will outlive quite a few of its competitors and not get damaged by corrosion. 

The same applies to the jets used on this showerhead. They come with a self-cleaning technology and a unique plunger system. Overall the showerhead looks unique and performs to that end as well.

There are a total of six plungers which produce 40 full coverage spray. Thanks to its Anystream technology, you can adjust the spray pattern of this low-flow showerhead. The unit provides a 2 GPM water spray rate as per the WaterSense certificate. 

Overall, Speakman’s showerhead is contemporary to Moen and Delta. Not only will you save money with this showerhead, but it will also last you a lifetime.


✅ It features a brass body
✅ Includes an AnyStream 360 tech
✅ Produces 2 GPM of water rate
✅ Easy to use


❌ Lacks proper finish
❌ Multiple features of this unit are plastic-made
❌ The showerhead has a high pitched squeal

Our Verdict

Ideal for those looking for multiple adjustment features on the showerhead.

Best Low Flow Shower Heads Buying Guide

Spray pattern: The spray pattern depicts how water will flow out of the shower. In a certain manner, it also depicts the pressure and amount of water flow. We need to select the one better for us.

Rain: These showers usually have larger heads with low pressure of the flow. This low pressure and larger head gives the feel of a rainfall. They are usually preferred as a ceiling mounted hand which makes the rainfall more realistic. It is good for mental relief and natural enchantment.

  • Jet: Jet as the name suggests are high pressure shower where the pressure is concentrated at a very short area. They are good for the head as they give relaxing massage.
  • Massage: Such shower has different pressures and they are very good to adjust as per our need. If you want a heavy and pressured bathe, you can adjust it and convert it into a jet spray.
  • Full: This spray has different pressures available which are usually one or two. These pressures are enough to use all the holes of the shower as per the need of us.

Pause: This one is a funky spray which has a cool feature of onand off water pattern. This gives us the time to apply soap and other stuffs and save the water as well.

Installation Type: Usually the can be installed by two types. They are usually on wall or ceiling but there is this one more type which we call ‘free’. This one spray is not mounted at one place but we hold it with our hands and use it for us. But let’s discuss the two major installation types.

Wall: As the name suggest, here the shower is installed on the wall. Such shower gives a projected motion of water which can contact a larger part of the body. They are not usually installed at a larger height so they are easy to clean and maintain.

Ceiling: In such type of installation, the shower is installed at the ceiling of the bathroom. This way, it concentrates the water on our head. As it is a bit higher, its maintenance and cleaning becomes difficult. But for a rain spray, this one is the best choice.

Finishes: Well, there are certain kinds of finishes available for them and you can choose which one is best for your bathroom. Finish of the shower can bea major part in the interior design of your bathroom. The usual finishes available to us are chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel, bronze, antique brass. The very best choice you take must be a rust resistance finish so that you need not to face issue of rust and your shower will last longer than expected.

Flow rate and Pressure Level: Flow rate can be elaborated as the amount of water that comes out of the shower per minute. It is usually calculated in the unit of GMP or Gallons Per Minute. Usually we get it in 1.5, 2 and 2.5 gallons per minute. You can prefer any oneof them as per your need. Pressure level as the name depicts gives the pressure of water on our body. Different spray has different pressure level and in some kind of shower and spray, we can adjust and control the pressure level.


A shower is a basic need for anyone and everyone. It can’t be ignored. A low flow Shower head can be a better choice than others. Those who seek a better output of a shower for their body as well as the mind must go for it. Experts recommend it for everyone. If your city has shortage of water, this shower can help you deal with it. It seems to be a must buy for all of them who face water scarcity as it consumes comparatively less water than our usual shower.

Apart from all its differences from a usual shower, it can be a bit tricky to find a shower matching your interior work. You can go ahead and buy the low flow shower head, It can be used by all. Sick and fit, old and young. It helps everyone. Just be cautious about the features that have been discussed above and keep them in your mind before you but it for yourself.

Final Verdict: A shower is your basic and necessary demand. You need to select the best one for you. We have provided you the list of best low flow shower head in the market which has different feature and now you need to prioritize you needs and select the best one for you.

For a family with 5-7 members, you must go with the multi spray function shower heads as everyone can choose as per their own comfort and if you stay alone, you can choose the spray function you want for yourself.

Another thing you can consider is the size and the flow rate. Now that you are well aware of the entire feature a shower head possess, you can easily select the best one for you. So go ahead and get the best one for you.

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