Best Pool Deck Paints 2021 Buying Guide and Reviews

Though you may not realize it, your pool deck is much more than a floor near your pool area. It enhances the overall quality of your pool. Thus painting your pool deck is advisable. So, here we are going to explore Best Pool Deck Paints for 2021.

However, before you can jump into painting your deck, you need to consider the surface. Paints often vary based on the deck type. For instance, if you have a wooden deck opting for oil or acrylic paint will be ideal. 

Besides, you have to consider the time as well. As per many users painting the pool during spring is ideal. However, some favor autumn. The point is to ensure that rain does not impede your painting in any way.

But painting your deck involves more than this. For instance, you have to avoid a few crucial yet common blunders like not sanding the deck or washing it thoroughly with a water pump. 

We have covered all these information and have reviewed the top six-deck paints in detail here. 

So let’s check it out! 

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3 Question You Must Ask Before Choosing Best Pool Deck Paints

What type of paints good for Concrete pool deck and why?

It’s advisable to use paint with anti-slip properties on a concrete deck. So, textured paints, especially ones that provide some abrasion, are perfect. These types of paints are specifically designed for wet surfaces. The textured coating also covers cracks and imperfections and gives a uniform look to a concrete deck.

What type of paints are good for wooden pool decks and why?

Oil and acrylic paints are the best for wooden decks as they give a smoother finish. However, oil paint needs to be reapplied for the paint to last long (especially in the parts that receive direct sunlight). However, for those who want to show the natural wood grain, stains are a good option.

What Type of Paint Provides Best Protection?

All of the paints listed here provide the required protection to the pool decks. However, if you branch out, opt for paints that are durable, non-fading, and come with UV protection.

What’s the difference between pool deck paints and stains?

Most paints create an opaque protective coating. The best part is, deck paints are available in many color options. However, they run the risk of chipping and peeling. Thus regular and periodic sanding is required. 

Stains on the flip side penetrate the wood and provide greater protection against water and UV rays. At the same time, stains enhance the texture and grains of the wood. Unlike paint, stains are transparent or semi-transparent (though there are some solid options). However, these are less protective than paints and require frequent upkeep.

Best Pool Deck Paints: Quick Summary

Best paint for concrete Pool Deck: FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint (excellent skid-grip, ideal for multiple surfaces, easy to apply)

Best Paint for Wooden Pool Deck: KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior Enamel Paint (highly durable, best for both primed and non primed surfaces, dry to touch in an hour)

Best Multi-Surface Paint for Pool Deck: Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Paint (excellent UV ray protection, ideal for many surfaces, non-flammable, non-toxic, water-based)

Budget-Friendly Paint for All Kind of Pool Deck: RTG Deck, Porch, & Patio Anti-Slip Paint (multiple shades, quick curing time, water-based, easy to apply, environment-friendly)

Complete Set for Pool Deck Paint: COOL by the Bundle (perfect for resurfacing, smooth finish, easy to apply, permanent coat, special heat coating) 

Best Stain Paint for Pool Deck: INSL-X TuffCrete Waterborne Acrylic Concrete Stain Paint (acrylic, requires very few coats, non-fading, fast-drying)

How do you prepare a pool deck for painting?

You can paint your pool deck on your own. However, to do it well, a few things have to be factored in, especially the type of deck material. Please remember that the prep work required for each material is different from the other. 

The following steps are a few general guidelines for the prep work:

If the deck is painted already: In this case, look for paints that will work with your painted deck. Sometimes deck paints may not work with decks done with acrylic nor epoxy.

Get the material: Along with the paint, get the brushes and rollers. 

Clean the deck: It’s essential to clean the deck thoroughly. Remove the nails from the wooden deck, or fill in the cracks on your concrete deck. If you are using water pressure for cleaning, make sure the pool is completely dry before you paint it. 

Preparing the paint: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions well while mixing and preparing the deck color to get the best results. 

Paint the deck: While painting the deck, start at one end and then move to the other side. Wait for a day for the paint to dry before reapplying the second coat. 

Wait for it to dry: Once the second coat is applied, wait for the paint to dry. The drying time depends on the type of paint you are using. 

Bonus: For best results, get rid of the old sealant (if any) as much as possible.

6 Best Pool Deck Paints 2021 Reviews

1. FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint


  • Skid Grip is the best-textured paint that turns any surface into a skid-resistant area. The best coating for outdoor and indoor use
  • The paint sticks to most surfaces, making it ideal for home and commercial use
  • It’s easy to apply. The surface has to be cleaned before applying the paint
  • Multiple color options available


The non-slip feature is the prime concern while dealing with a pool area. Fortunately, FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint takes care of that concern well. The paint produces a textured and high-friction finish on wood concrete and stones. Plus, the paint meets the American with Disability act with its Anti-Slip properties. 

Besides its anti-skid feature, the paint comes in extremely attractive shades that complement almost any decor, and the coating resists any form of fading, chipping, or peeling. 

The paint formulation is UV resistant and provides long-lasting durability on any deck. While other paints may not effectively cover high traffic pool decks, the FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint does it effectively. 

Overall the paint has extreme adhesion power and can be applied using a brush or roller. It can be used on all surfaces, including cement, wood, asphalt, and wood. However, to get the desired look, proper prep work is mandatory.


✅ Ideal for use on most surfaces.
✅ Easy to apply and recoat.
✅ Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
✅ The best paint for concrete pool decks.


❌ Thorough cleaning is required before application.
❌ A tad bit expensive.
❌ Rollers needed for application.


Apart from the fact that it is a bit expensive, the paint is ideal for all surfaces, making it one of the best residential and commercial use choices.

2. KILZ L573611 Paint

KILZ Low-Lustre Enamel Porch & Patio Latex Floor...
  • PORCH and PATIO PAINT: KILZ Porch and Patio Floor Paint is a 100%...


  • Extremely durable paint easy to clean, resistant to fading, cracking, scrubbing, and mildew
  • Ideal for all painted or primed surfaces (wood, concrete, cement)
  • The paint has a low luster surface ideal for decks, porch, patio, and floors
  • Dry to touch in an hour
  • Recoating takes 4-6 hours


This brand is in the market for the last four decades and has proved its worth repeatedly. Besides, who wouldn’t want to paint their deck with a brand that has won multiple awards. 

In addition to being the perfect paint for your deck, Kilz is ideal for touching up your porch, patio, and floors. The formulation of the paint is exceptionally unique; thus, it maintains its consistency in all climatic conditions. Unlike certain low quality, Kilz will not chip, peel or fade. Plus, it’s also resistant to mildew. The paint can be used on multiple surfaces, including wood and masonry. 

Lookwise the Kilz Porch Patio and Floor paint gives a unique matte appearance and features a low luster formula. So, if you are looking for something subtle and sophisticated for your pool deck, this is the ideal option for you. 

The paint coating dries within an hour; however, you need to wait for about 4-6 hours to apply the second coat. The paint covers about 400 sq. ft on a rough surface and approximately 300 sq. ft on a smooth area.


✅ Ideal for use on previously painted surfaces.
✅ Easy to clean with soap and water.
✅ It can be used on multiple surfaces, including wood, concrete, masonry, vinyl.
✅ The paint is perfect for both interior and exterior use.


❌ The paint does not have anti-skid features.
❌ Some users found it hard to stir.
❌ It has a strong smell.


The paint is extremely easy to apply and maintain. Besides, it’s incredibly durable, which makes this paint quite sought-after. Though it has a strong smell initially, its overall performance overpowers that concern.

3. Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck and Dock

Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck Coating - Solar...
  • UV RESISTANCE - Our Cool Foot Deck Coating has excellent solar...


  • Excellent protection against UV rays
  • Premium quality protective finish for wood, concrete, docks, docks, decks walls, and fences
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, and water-based paint
  • Super easy to apply with roller or paintbrush
  • Good coverage provided


This Liquid Rubber deck coating paint provides innovative protection to all types of deck. One of the premia features of this paint is that it comes with waterproofing qualities, providing ideal protection to all surfaces.

The Liquid Rubber paint is popular for its durability. Apart from being water-resistant, it is also UV resistant. Thus, this paint keeps the pool cooler and does not burn the feet while standing on the deck or dock. 

The paint also provides excellent protection against heat and reduces heat transfer by 35% compared to regular paint. This feature makes the Liquid Rubber paint suitable for all outdoor decks, docks, and patios. 

Applying the paint is also straightforward. Any brush roller or paint sprayer is ideal for applying this paint. Though the paint can work well alone, it can be teamed with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape if required. 

Two thin coats are ideal for getting a better finish and coverage. 

Liquid Rubber Cool deck paint works on both wood and concrete. Therefore it comes in handy for those who have both of the materials surrounding their pool area.

Though the paint is easy to apply, it is a bit thicker than other deck paints. It is non-toxic with no VOC. But it does need a few applications before it looks perfect.


✅ Thick and durable paint.
✅ Sealant and paint combined.
✅ Functions on many surfaces.
✅ It does not require any primer.
✅ Keeps the deck cooler.


❌ Thick and takes some time to coat.
❌ Multiple applications required.
❌ There might be some small clumps in the paint.


The paint is environmentally friendly and does offer an excellent finish while keeping the deck cooler. However, one might require a few additional coats to get the desired finish.

4. RTG Deck, Porch, & Patio Anti-Slip Paint

RTG Deck, Porch, & Patio Anti-Slip Paint (Quart,...
  • Fast-drying, textured paint provides an attractive finish &...


  • The paint comes in multiple color shades
  • It has a quick curing time and gives a textured finish to wood and concrete 
  • It’s water-based and is thus perfect for exterior use
  • Ideal for painting porch, patio, decks, ramp 
  • Easy to apply using brush and roller
  • Environment-friendly and does not contain VOC or odor
  • It does not fade from UV ray exposure


The paint is popular for its anti-slip feature, which gives a very smooth finish to the deck. Besides, owing to its UV ray resistance, your deck is protected from harmful sun rays for a long time. 

If your wooden deck lacks the luster it had previously, this is the paint you need to restore the look of the wood to its former glory.

However, the product can also be applied to concrete and fiberglass. Thus you can use it to renew your ramps, stairs, and much more. The paint gives your wooden surface a stellar look while protecting it against all weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. 

RTG Deck paint can withstand a lot of rough use, but it is easy to apply and maintain. There is no need to apply any primer before the paint as well; only cleaning the area is enough.


✅ The paint has multiple color options.
✅ It is ideal for creating a textured finish.
✅ An extremely versatile product.
✅ Full coverage with one coat.


❌ It’s a bit expensive.
❌ The paint takes time to dry.
❌ Colors are lighter than advertised.


The paint provides excellent anti-skid protection. It is easy to apply and maintain. However, it does take some time to dry.

5. COOL by the Bundle

COOL by the Bundle - Cool Pool Deck Coating,...


  • Ideal for repairing and resurfacing pool decks.
  • Ensures a smooth and comfortable finish.
  • Easy to follow instructions for application.
  • Provides permanent coat.
  • Special coating for heat absorption.


Often intense heat and sun rays can damage your poolside concrete or cement. But once coated with Cool Pool Deck paint by Encore, you should not face that issue anymore. 

The amount of the Bundle will depend on the space available. For instance, if you have to cover 200 sq. ft or more, you have to buy a bigger bundle for additional coats.

One of the best things is that this paint gives 100% heat protection to concrete. The Encore cool can drop the temperature of the deck by 38%. 

Besides, the paint also features non-slip qualities. This feature provides great safety, especially if you have kids in the house. 

In addition to all the benefits mentioned, this paint is extremely straightforward to apply. It can repair cracks over any pool surface by bonding with the concrete surface at a molecular level, thereby preventing algae and mold growth.

For this reason, the paint can absorb the heat and send it straight into the soil. The paint creates a non-slip surface and can thus withstand pressure washing. Overall, cleaning and maintaining this paint is extremely easy. 

This water-based paint comes in a three-gallon unit. The formulation is ideal and can cover about 150 sq. ft.


✅ Ideal for commercial usage in water-themed parks and swimming pools.
✅ It features a non-slip surface.
✅ Premium quality durability.
✅ It is ideal for keeping the feet cool.


❌ It’s a tad bit expensive.
❌ Small coverage per gallon.
❌ It is not ideal for wooden decks.


The best part of the paint is it’s made of natural paint equipment and offers excellent anti-slip properties coupled with heat resistance. However, the coverage per gallon is low, which might increase the cost.

6. INSL-X TuffCrete deck paint


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It made to use for vertical and horizontal masonry surfaces
  • Non-fading and fast-drying stain
  • Durable finish


The TuffCrete powered waterproofing stain is ideal for all concrete surfaces and provides deep penetration. Though this is a stain and not a paint, it is powerful enough to breathe new life into your concrete deck and floor. 

INSL-X TuffCrete deck paint accentuates the natural color and texture of the concrete floor, giving it a stone-like finish.

The satin paint needs only one application to give you full coverage. That being said, you can, of course, add a second coat to see more enhanced effects. 

Overall the paint function as a stain with more coat (enhancing the natural texture and grain of your deck) and gives full-blown coverage with two coats or more. 

After the paint dries, it’s smooth to touch, and the color is as advertised. Thanks to its excellent results, you can apply this paint to your interiors, exterior, or on any horizontal surface, including your deck or porch. 

The paint gives good coverage, approximately 500 sq ft per gallon. Thus the portion is enough to cover your deck or porch; if used optimally, there should be some left after application. 

You can apply the paint using the instruments of your choice (brushes, rollers, and sprays). The choice of the instrument actually depends on the effect you desire. Lastly, the paint cures extremely fast, so the results will be visible to you very soon.


✅ Affordable price point.
✅ Dries out quickly.
✅ It can cover a big area.
✅ Water and dirt resistant.


❌ Not ideal for use on areas receiving direct sunlight.
❌ Shades may be a bit darker than shown.


The paint can be used both as a stain or to provide opaque coverage. Though it’s not ideal for places with direct sunlight, it fits for both indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of Painting Pool Deck

Painting your pool deck has multiple benefits. 

The most popular ones include:

A budget-friendly option

Painting your pool deck is the most affordable way to give it the makeover it needs without investing a lot of money.

If you have a wooden pool deck, you will have to strip the old stain and sand it before repainting. Concrete decks, however, require a pressure wash. But apart from the initial prep work, the rest of the process is pretty straightforward and affordable.

Enhances appearance

If your pool deck is faded, painting it gives a whole new look. Since there are multiple color options available, you can pick any to amp up your deck.

Safe to Use

Not only does painting a pool deck improves its appearance, but it also makes it safe to use. Most of the newer deck paints are waterproof and also have an anti-slip feature. This improves the overall safety of the pool.

Improves general condition

When a pool deck is painted, its appearance, texture, and durability increase. Besides, not only does it look stellar, the deck becomes safer to use when painted.

Easy maintenance

A painted pool deck is much easier and far less time-consuming to maintain than a raw or stained surface.

The paint creates a non-porous barrier that protects the wood and concrete and makes it difficult for the water to seep into the deck. Besides, the paint also protects the deck against harsh chemicals.

Types of Pool Deck Paints

Three types of pool deck paints are the most popular. These are water-based acrylic paints, premium acrylic paints, and epoxy pool paints.

Water-based acrylic paints

This form of paint is ideal for pool owners who don’t know what type of paint is currently on their deck. 

Water-based acrylic paint has the shortest curing time. It takes three days to dry off for an outdoor pool and five days for an indoor pool. 

This is the most affordable option and is well suited for people living in humid or rainy areas.

Epoxy pool paint

This solvent-based paint is ideal for use on gunite, fiberglass, concrete, and plaster pools. 

Epoxy paints are well known for their durability. These can last for up to seven years! However, the only drawback of this paint type is that it can only be used on virgin surfaces, i.e., ones that have not been used before. Plus, the curing time is about a week for an outdoor pool and up to two weeks for an indoor pool.

Premium Acrylic Paint

This paint can be used in both bare and previously painted decks. Premium Acrylic Paint is your ideal option if you want a glossy finish on your deck. It takes three days to dry for an outdoor pool completely and a week for an indoor pool. This type of paint lasts for three years. However, this type of paint may not be able to cover the cracks and damages completely.

Best Pool Deck Paints 2021 Buying Guide

Before buying pool deck paints, it’s advisable to consider the following factors:

Type of paint

There are different types of pool deck paints. If you are painting your deck for the first time, the kind of paint you use will vary from the one you use to recoat your deck. Different paints also vary as per their coats. This factor is essential and thus must be considered to find a budget-saving option.


Please note all pool deck paints don’t come in different options. So, in case you like a particular color and want that specific one from a brand, you will not have to choose. 

However, it’s advisable to look into a few options before selecting a particular color.


Ideally, your selected paint should be able to cover different surfaces. It will not be affordable if you have to buy different paint types for different surfaces. 
PS Opt for an option that does not require as many coats.

Deck condition

One of the primary reasons to paint a deck is to cover its flaws. It’s ideal to choose a color keeping that point in mind.

If your deck is highly weathered and cracked, it’s advisable to choose thicker shades to fill the gaps and cracks. However, if your deck is new and smooth, you can get some other variety of colors.


Though all the paints listed in this article are highly durable, if you use a different paint, you will need some additional research to gauge its durability. For this, go through the customer reviews. Often it’s possible to tell how well a paint holds up by going through the reviews listed by the previous users.


In addition to the color, the appearance of the paint might be vital to you. To that end, consider the various textures that pool deck paints come in. Some of the most common textures include low-luster, gloss, and speckled.

Paint amount

Generally, pool deck paints are sold in either one gallon or five-gallon containers. The amount you will require will depend on the square footage of your deck. It must be noted that deck paints don’t have a runny texture. They are manufactured to be ticker.


If you have a wooden deck, then you need paint with a non-skid texture. The deck coating will provide an additional layer of protection and prevent people from slipping and falling.

Prep coats

Before you paint your deck, there is a certain amount of prep work required. This includes cleaning your deck with a leaf blower or pressure washer. Additionally, some paints will need a coat of primer, while some will not. It’s advisable to read the instructions on the paint container to know what you are required to do. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best pool deck paints

1. How long does pool deck paint last?

Pool deck paints can last for many years together if adequately maintained. However, it also depends on the type of paint used. For instance, Acrylic Paint can last for two years, while Epoxy paint lasts for 6-8 years. It must be noted that premium quality pool deck paint lasts for longer, and thus it must be treated as an investment.

2. How long does it take for a pool deck to dry?

This depends on the type of pool paint you are using. If water-based acrylic paint is used, the drying time is between three to five days. For premium Acrylic paints, the curing time for outdoor pools is three days, and for indoor pools, it can go up to a week. Epoxy paints take up to seven days (outdoor pool) to dry, while for indoor pools, the time can go up to two weeks. 

3. How much does it cost to paint the pool deck?

The cost of painting the pool deck will depend on the size and the material you want to use. You will need to consider the size of the pool deck and the type of paint you want to use, and the number of coats you will require. Ideally, keeping these factors in mind, the cost should be somewhere between $200- 1000 dollars.


Of course, your pool is a place for you to chill. Thus it’s all the more important to make sure that it looks stellar, and painting your pool deck is one of the perfect ways of doing that! If you find this list of best pool deck paints of 2021 useful, kindly share it with your near and dear ones as well.

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