Best Pool Floating Lights 2021 Reviews and Buying Guides

Do you like going for a swim in the dark? Does it not feel a little eerie, especially after you watch a horror movie like Lake Placid?!

Gives you the chills, right? Thankfully, there is a quick fix to such a situation, pool lights! Oh no, we are not talking about the ones that will require you to drill and add permanent light fixtures in your pool. We are here to offer you a dramaless option to add glam and flair to your pool- floating pool lights!

In this article, we have handpicked five fantastic options for you to try out! Check out the buying guide and FAQ section as well to make an informed choice.

Best Pool Floating Lights of 2021: Our Top Choice

LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights 10 Packs with Timer

Though these lights are designed to keep the pool lit at night, they can also be used as ambiance lights for nighttime users. 

To make your pool glowing and colorful, all you need to do is spread these glowing balls in your pool. The LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights are perfect for decorating your inbound pool, above-ground pool garden ponds, and even fountains. In other words, with these lights, you can decorate nearly any water body at your home! 

Are these lights waterproof? Well, of course, they are! To keep these lights water-resistant, the battery box at the bottom of the light is made entirely waterproof. Thus, it is protected from any damage or destruction. 

Though it’s not advisable, in case you want to go for a swim during heavy rain or a thunderstorm, these lights can still keep you company without being damaged. 

The lights feature two modes, flash, and fade. You can switch between the two as per the situation demands and change the lights’ color for a party to fit the theme. There are seven color alternatives to choose from, and you can change the color by simply pressing the button designed to do so. In addition to the seven color modes, there is one continuous flash and fade mode. The operation is super easy, and even kids can do it. 

As mentioned earlier, these lights are not only ideal for your inbound pool but can also be a great accessory to your hot tub, garden fountain, beach toy, plant decoration, outdoor lawns, and much more. Take it a notch higher by having these lights as stage chandeliers for an event or additional wedding ceremony lights. 

Besides being durable, these lights are chemical-free. LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights have an eco-friendly Vinyl housing free from lead, mercury, U.B., I.R., and other toxic materials. 

Overall the lights last for about thirty to seventy hours and also include extra batteries. 


✅ Highly durable lights.
✅ Lightweight lights made easy for transportation
✅ Long battery life
✅ It features seven colors


❌ The lights draw certain power when turned off
❌ Does not withstand heavy shower as advertised
❌ The batteries are expensive

Our Verdict on LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights

Ideal for jazzing up pools or hot tub parties. But it is also great as a party decoration and can be used in other ways. These also make great gifting options.

LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights

 If you are looking for some floral decorations in your pool, you should consider the LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights. 

The lights can transform the ambiance of your pool area and is the ideal pool decoration for a date. Designed as a lotus, the LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights has a dragonfly perched on it. Overall, it adds to the magic and charm. 

However, unlike the LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights, each of these flowers has one light. You can choose between green, purple, red, blue, white, cyan and a few others as per your choice. In addition to an ideal pool decoration, these lights are perfect for glamming up any event. The lantern-like glow creates a fantastic ambiance not only for your swimming pool but also around the other places in your house. 

Unlike a few other pool lights in the market, LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights don’t have a sudden flash transformation. The light change is softer and soothing and thus does not create any dazzling impact. 

The lights are incredibly durable and waterproof. It produces no smoke, heat, or flame. Thus they are super safe to use not only in your swimming pool but also in your hot tub, pond, bedrooms, hotels, bathrooms, dinner table setting, and much more. 

LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights have a life-like design which is an added benefit. The colors included are authentic and do not fade away with use. Additionally, no harmful chemicals have been used in the manufacturing of three lights. 

Of course, these lights are waterproof like most other floating pool lights. The battery box is placed at the bottom of the lights and is waterproof. Additionally, it’s adjusted well so that it rotates and floats effortlessly. 

Each of the lotus includes two CR2032 which provides about 100 hours of light. Thus you need not change the batteries often. 

With these lights around, you have the option of transforming the house into a surreal dreamland! Rock your next theme party with the LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights. 


✅ Easy to maintain lights
✅ Available at an affordable price point
✅ Subtle and soft color-changing features
✅ Extremely easy to use lights
✅ Made out of sturdy material that is soft to touch


❌ Some users complain about a smell
❌ Time feature not included
❌ The battery needs to be twisted to turn in. It might cause water to seep in
❌ Difficulty in controlling the on/off button

Our Verdict on LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights

These are the perfect lights for a relaxing dip in the pool or tub. They make incredible decorations for bird bath fountains as well. The only issue is these lights are too small. 

Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light Solar Powered

Thanks to technical evolution, many new products are being developed that make life easier, or in this case, our dip in the pool fun! 

Esuper Floating Ball Pool Lights are a unique innovation to that end. Not only are they cool to use and decorative, but they are also premium quality and energy-efficient. If your electricity bill has been giving your nightmares, these lights are perfect for you. 

Unlike LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights or LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights, these are solar-powered. So you can enjoy a guilt-free pool time without having to worry about your bills. Also, you need to store them like the other pool lights mentioned so far. Since they are solar-powered, they charge through the sunlight. 

Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light features four different colors ( red, blue, white, green). Additionally, the balls change color automatically every 15 seconds. But don’t worry, the lights are soft and comforting, not something that will hurt and irritate your eyes. 

Moreover, you can leave these balls out in any weather condition. Made from super-durable material, these balls are pretty strong and can withstand rough weather conditions. 

Of course, the light balls are waterproof up to IP68, so you need not worry about the water seeping inside the balls. Once charged, these lights can perform for 8 hours at a stretch. 

These balls are super easy to inflate, and setting them up is a cakewalk! The process is straightforward, and you can set these vinyl-made lights up and running in no time. You need not go through any complicated instruction manual to use it.  

There is no need to worry about the durability of these lights. They are constructed to have fun with. So your kids can throw these around the pool and enjoy a great pool game without worry!

Bedside the ideal pool decoration, these light balls can be used for landscaping, wedding decoration, festival, and event decoration. 


✅ Highly energy-efficient lights
✅ Ideal for heavy-duty fun and is thus super durable
✅ Water-resistant balls
✅ Colorful and pretty
✅ They can be used to decorate pathways and lawns as well


❌ It features limited design
❌The color change option is slow

Our Verdict on Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light

It is the perfect product for those looking for energy-efficient, highly durable floating lights. The lights are ideal for kids who insist on playing with the light balls. 

Homemory 24 Pack Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights

These lights are incredibly versatile for lighting up your pool. However, you can also use these tea lights to illuminate your sidewalk or even put them on any floating material to create light clusters in your pool or tub. Overall, these lights create the perfect ambiance for a dinner date or just to relax.

The tealights are available in a pack of 24, which go a long way to set up the perfect mood. The most incredible thing about these lights is their life-like appeal. All of the lights are white, illuminating a warm glow. Anyone can mistake them for real candles, which enhances the charm of these tealights. 

Powered by cr2032 batteries, these waterproof tealights perform very well on/in water. There is no need to start the unit manually like LOGUIDE Floating Pool Lights. These lights turn on automatically as soon as they touch the water and turn off on their own when taken out. Just make sure the base is tightly sealed before use. 

Safety is one of the prime concerns while buying floating pool lights. To that end, these lights are 100% secured. You need not worry about flames, the risk of burning, or fire hazards. Thus these lights are ideal for houses with pets and kids.  

Besides being the ambiance lighting for your pool, these tealights are perfect for indoor decoration. They are small enough to be dropped in waterfilled champagne glasses for that dream dinner! Unlike some other floating pool lights in the market, these quite bright, and as per many users, and they look like tiny fireflies. 

There are no hard-to-follow maintenance rules for these lights, and they are easy to assemble as well. You simply need to put them in the water (ensuring the bottom is tightened). However, if you are looking for very bright lights, check out the following product in our line-up.


✅ Easy to assemble, maintain and use
✅ They look very real
✅ Ideal for creating ambiance
✅ Very long-lasting and highly durable
✅ Stays lit for more than 8 hours


❌It is difficult to turn them off

❌ The warm tone is almost yellow

❌ Water seeps in a few of them

❌ The light intensity is not too bright

Our Verdict on Homemory 24 Pack Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights:

The lights are perfect for creating a romantic ambiance and can be used as door lights beside pools, tub, and fountain decoration. These also make ideal gifting options, thereby increasing its popularity. 

DeeprBlu Floating Pool Lights

Are you looking for some awesome floating pool lights to illuminate your pool? Then look no further, for DeeprBlu Floating Pool Lights are just the thing you need! 

Unlike all the other lights mentioned so far, these are bright enough to be seen during the daytime! All you need to do is put in the 3 AAA batteries, and you are set! These light up your pool, hot tub, pond, and ice pumpkin decor in no time! The lights are wireless, safe, durable, and energy-efficient. However, do remember to turn the units off when not in use to enhance their energy efficiency. 

Transform your night swimming experience with these lights, each with 10 LEDs illuminating seven colors, including red, yellow, purple, mint, and blue. Though the colors are brilliant, they don’t hurt the eyes. You can either choose a particular color manually by pushing a button or select the gradient color-shifting mode for an enthralling effect. Simply press the upper button for three seconds and prepare to be mesmerized. 

You can choose to put these lights right inside the water thanks to its IP68 fully waterproof seal. The transparent waterproof ring seals the battery compartment. 

P.S. ensure that you have tightened the cap clockwise correctly before placing there in the water. 

These lights have another exciting feature that no other product in this piece has. The DeeprBlu starfish-shaped floating pool lights have an internal magnet that latches itself to the steel wall of above ground pools. Due to this feature, you can use these lights to glam up both wet and dry places. 

Finally, the customer service by the brand is worth writing about. The brand promises quick response time for problems raised and aims to provide solutions to their game-changing light.


✅ The lights are big-sized and can light up half of a medium-sized pool
✅ It can be left in the pool without worrying about any damage
✅ Ideal for getting children to enjoy their bath time
✅ Simple and easy to use and install
✅ The batteries last for a longer time


❌It does not have suctions to stick to hot tubs
❌Some users felt the lights are not as bright as advertised

Our Verdict on DeeprBlu Floating Pool Lights

For those looking for unique and safe lights to stick to the side of their pools, these are perfect. The lights are ideally sized to decorate any water body. 

Best Pool Floating Lights Buying Guide

It can be problematic to buy pool lights without having adequate knowledge about the same. Of course, you can ask people who already have these lights installed in their pools, but that method is not always fool-proof. 

In fact, the information provided by them may not be of use to you, especially if your pool is of a different size than theirs. To the end, here are a few things you ought to keep in mind before you make that purchase.

Pool location:

Your pool location will determine the kind of light you will require. Please note different pool lights work for different locations. There is no one-size-fits-all policy here. 

If you have an indoor pool, you can install standard floating lights. But in case your pool is outdoor, say in the garden or backyard, opt for floating solar lights. Thankfully there are different sorts of floating solar lights. You can buy these as underwater lights or as inflatable orbs.

Exact requirement:

Before you even consider buying the floating lights, ask yourself why you need them in the first place. The importance of this question cannot be highlighted enough. 

Different lights fulfill different purposes. If you want to purchase the lights for a romantic dinner, it will be different from the lights you purchase for a house party. However, as a rule of thumb, don’t opt for easily damaged lights, and be careful about using them. A floating light ball is not a volleyball! 


You have endless design options for floating pool lights. While some opt for floating flowers, others prefer big balls. Apart from these, there other options that you can consider. In fact, this is the fun part of things! 

Pool size:

In addition to determining the pool’s location (which is the easy part), you have to choose the pool’s size, which is a bit tricky. This is essential as the types of floating lights vary as per the pool’s size. In case you have a large pool, you can opt for floating solar lights. For a small pool, opt for flowers. 

 The number of swimmers in the pool:

A pool party in the summer will be incomplete and drab without swimming. Thus you need to keep the pool lit with beautiful lights to add to the party mood. 

But before you start installing the lights, try to be sure whether the swimmers be willing to dive into the pool? The answer to this will determine the types of lights you will require. But it’s challenging to predict such things. 

As a simple calculation, identify the swimmers in your guest list. If the numbers are on the higher side, go ahead and decorate your pool with lights in different shapes and designs. 


It should be noted that all pool lights don’t have the same level of brightness. For starters, determine the level of illumination that you desire and then start looking for the lights. 

To make your experience simpler, do note that fiber optic lights are dimmer. On the flip side, halogen pool lights are one of the brightest variants in the market. LED lights fall somewhere between these two types. 


This goes without saying that the lights you are planning to install in your pool must be durable. You cannot buy pool lights every other day! 

Don’t determine the light’s durability by simply reading the manufacturer’s description. Dig in further and conduct thorough research about the lights you are planning to buy.

Ease of installation:

If you are installing pool lights for the first time, opt for the easy-to-install ones and not the professional variety. Before buying, look into instructions related to charging and battery replacement. If these instructions sound complicated to you, opt for other lights. 

Best Pool Floating Lights FAQs

Is it challenging to install floating pool lights?

Installing floating pool lights is very straightforward; however, the instructions vary from one brand to another.

There are some floating lights with sensors attached that immediately turn on as soon as they touch the water. In contrast, others have switches that you must manually turn on to power the lights.

Another variety is operated via a remote controller. All of these lights come with easy-to-follow instructions and do not require you to sweat about them. 

Are floating pool lights safe?

Floating pool lights are very safe since they pass multiple tests before entering the markets. These are also waterproof, so you need not worry about any unfortunate incidents at your pool party. You only have to ensure that there are no exposed parts. Otherwise, these lights are very safe to use. 

Do pool lights last long?

This heavily depends on the kind of pool you have and how you are handling the lights. Most pool lights are made out of heavy-duty materials that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and rough use for years.

However, these only apply to the big lights. The smaller lights like tea and flower lights cannot handle a lot of rugged use coupled with wear and tear. But if used with care and stored away correctly after use, these lights can last for many years.

How to maintain pool lights? 

Maintaining your floating pool lights is simple. You need not do a lot of things to keep them safe. Simply wipe them clean after use and store them in a dry place. For maintaining the batteries, follow the instructions manual that came with the lights. Don’t overcharge your battery or keep your pool lights devoid of any charge.

Final Verdict: Floating pool lights not only look beautiful but also add the element of safety for night swimming. Installing permanent light fixtures in an established pool is both costly and time-consuming. 

To that end, floating pool lights provide a simple and cost-effective solution to both problems. These are handy, beautiful, and make any water body look good, be it pools, tubs, or ponds. With floating pool lights, you have the option to try different varieties. If you don’t like one, you can always try another. So go ahead and make your pool come alive with the floating pool lights!

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