Can You Use an Air Mattress as a Pool Float?

An air mattress is not only a great thing to have at your home, but it’s also ideal for having some fun in the water! 

Can you use an air mattress as a pool float? What you need to know
can you use an air mattress as a pool float?

Yes! You can use your air mattresses as a pool float and do a lot more, and in this article, we will tell you all about it! 

So, let’s start, shall we?

Can you use an Air Mattress as a Pool Float?

Essentially, air mattresses are air-filled sacks; thus, they can easily be used as an air float. And since it’s a unique idea, it can be entertaining at a pool party. However, if your air mattress has a suede top layer, water might affect it. Finally, if kids are using the air mattresses as a pool float, it’s advisable to have adult supervision. 

How much Weight can an Air Mattress Hold on Water?

The short answer to this is 300lbs. 

But like everything else, air mattresses, too, have a weight limit. As air is compressed in nature, if the weight exceeds the prescribed limit, the air bed might flip. So it’s advisable to stay within the weight limit, i.e., 300 lbs, as anything more than that can lead to a problem. 

Besides, the weight limit depends on other factors too. For instance, the environment. Additionally, weight varies as per indoor and outdoor use. 

Can air Beds be used as Rafts?

can air beds be used as rafts?

Rafts and air mattresses are made from the same material, PVC. Thus air beds can be used as rafts. Many people use air beds as an alternative to rafts as they are quite expensive. However, air beds as rafts are not highly safe for cruising along a river. However, if you are feeling particularly adventurous and would like to use your air bed as a raft, it’s advisable to wear a life jacket at all times. 

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What are the other uses of an Air Mattress? 

Air mattresses have multiple unique uses. We have listed a few below for you to try out.

Kids sleepover

This is your chance to be the cool mom! Take the traditional sleepover party for a spin and have a poolside sleepover with air mattresses! You can have a few air mattresses arranged near the pool and make it a perfect summer night out at home! 


Glamping is an expensive deal, but that should not stop you from having fun! And with an air mattress, you can enjoy yourself with your friends by pitching a tent near the beach and having some quality time. This saves you from the trouble of having to look for a soft spot to camp. And since air mattresses are lighter than foam ones, traveling with them is easy. 


If you enjoy tanning, you already know how difficult it is to tan peacefully when you have hard plastic making your back uncomfortable. One quick and inexpensive fix to this is air mattresses. So replace your lounge chair with air mattresses and enjoy the sun! You can also choose to float while tanning. 

Pool floater

Air beds in pools always spice things up and make the weekends more exciting. This is an excellent idea if you host pool parties often and have people use the pool, especially kids and young adults. Even if you are spending quiet time by yourself, having a pool float to chill on is a great idea. 


Though it may never come to it, you can use your air mattresses as a raft and have some adventure. First, however, you will need rows to move you forward. 

Romantic dates

Who says you have to spend tons to prepare for a romantic date? It can be done right on the poolside. All you will need are a couple of candles, flowers, and an air mattress. So have a quaint time with your partner next to the pool and save your money for emergencies!

What is a Pool Air Mattress?

As the name suggests, these are air mattresses that are made for pool usage. These inflatable beds float on the pool and provide a relaxing time for the users during the summer months. After use, these floats can be deflated and stored for later. Overall, pool floats enhance your fun time in the pool and are also are incredibly instaworthy. 

Can Air Mattresses Sink? 

Air mattresses do have the risk of leaking air. Many a time, they deflate while using, and that might result in sinking. It’s often challenging to spot the leak or holes on an air mattress. However, you have to inspect it thoroughly before taking out your air mattresses on the pool or out for rafting. 

Please note that air mattresses might develop punctures and holes if not used for long. Plus, air mattresses can hold only a certain amount of weight. So, it’s not a good idea to have too many people share it in the pool, lest it flips over. 

Can you fill water in air mattresses? 

It’s not a good idea to fill your air mattresses with water as they might end up bursting. Plus, the chemicals in most air beds are not ideal for holding water. Besides, it will be impossible to completely dry the air bed once it’s filled with water, and thus mold might grow inside. 


While you can have a lot of fun with air mattresses in the water, it’s advisable to exercise caution at all times. For that, it’s recommended to use your air bed in small water bodies like a pool.

In bigger water bodies, the air bed might float in a different direction, and you may not be able to control it. And even if you go out to such places, it’s essential to have your life jacket on at all times. I hope now you have a clear idea about “can you use an air mattress as a pool float?”

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