Hot tub Brands to Avoid: Complete Guide

Having a hot tub in your backyard not only raises the value of your property but is also relaxing to sit in after a long day’s work. However, things can quickly turn South if you end up buying a poor-quality hot tub that isn’t durable or has tons of maintenance issues. But don’t you worry, we have curated a list of things to look out for and hot tub brands to avoid.

We went through many user ratings and quotes and interacted with multiple hot tub users to curate the below lists. 

So let’s get started! 

What are the Reasons for Hot tub Brands to Avoid

Shady service agreement

Since buying a hot tub is a significant investment, you will ideally want it to last for a couple of years. To that end, check with your dealer whether or not there is a service agreement post-purchase. Ideally, the agreement should state that you will receive free service for a limited period following the date of purchase.

Some brands even offer a lifetime of free service, which shows their confidence in their product. Overall the service agreement should cover your maintenance, so you don’t have to shell out money to a third-party handyman.

Customer Feedback

If you constantly come across average or bad ratings, it should be one of your red flags, and it’s advisable not to ignore it. Most often, the 2.5 or 3 stars out of 5 show the brand’s poor quality of products.

Bad insulation

Of course, the look of your hot tub is essential. You want it to look good on your backyard or porch, and of course, want your friends to appreciate it. So, naturally, you will want one with a nice outside shell. However, the insulation provided inside is essential too. Inadequate insulation will only raise your electric bill, so you might as well nip the issue in the bud. 

Short-time Warranty

Take your time to read the warranty that comes with your hot tub. It is needless to say that hot tubs are expensive items, so you won’t want to shed anything extra for any damage, especially within a few years of use. A quality hot tub must have 10 years of warranty.

To that end, if the brand that you are considering does not offer a lengthy warranty, it’s best to steer away from it. However, if they do, make sure they provide an average length of service, to say the least. 

Complicated Maintenance Process

There can be nothing worse than an unreliable hot tub. Thus, read as many reviews as possible about the brand on different sites. Always opt for third-party review sites to get an honest look into the product, especially the repair and maintenance of the tub.

If you see customers talking about how a specific tub requires tons of repair work and maintenance more often than not, it’s best to stay away from the brand. A tub that is unpredictable and susceptible to damage can make the experience of owning a hot tub a nightmare. 

Of course, you will have to do basic maintenance like cleaning the water, but fixing wires and insulation every other month is not normal.

Availability of Local Dealers

Though this is a red flag, whether or not you will consider it depends on you. If you know a lot about hot tubs and don’t require assistance, this point may not be essential to you.

However, if this is your first buy and you will need help, opting for a brand that isn’t available through a local dealer can deprive you of the service before and after-sales. Plus, you may not have the right people around you to help out in times of need. Thus buying hot tubs from online retailers can create a problem. 

High Energy Consumption

Energy conservation is the need of the hour, and as a responsible citizen, you should be contributing towards that cause not only for environmental reasons but also for financial. To that end, it’s advisable to look for hot tubs that are energy efficient.

Fortunately, many manufacturers are now making energy-saving models made from premium quality material. Moreover, such tubs also don’t cut into your pocket when it comes to the bills. Thus it’s advisable to opt for such brands.

Well, these are the reasons for hot tub brands to avoid.

Hot Tub Brands to Avoid: Reviewed

Now that you know what all to look for while telling a bad brand from a good one, here are a few brands you should surely stay away from. 

Caldera Spa

Hot tub Brands to Avoid: caldera spas

Though the brand is popular and has a substantial customer base, many do not like the hot tubs of this brand. As per popular opinion, the brand’s hot tubs require tons of repair and maintenance, plus poor customer service. 

Many users of Caldera Spa complain that the parts give out quickly and something or the other always seems to be causing issues with these hot tubs. Additionally, users mention that the tubs must be maintained every night; otherwise, the simplest issues seem to cause the entire setup to malfunction. 

Coming to the customer service, replacement or repair calls often go unanswered. Even if you come across an agent to help you, they seem defensive about the product and offer no help. This is definitely one of the hot tub brands to avoid

Life Spas

life spa a hot tub brand to avoid

On closer inspection, the hot tubs from this brand do not offer many great features, and the performance is pretty average. Besides, the brand’s heating issue is worrisome, and many users have raised complaints about the same. The quality of the heater is sub-par, and most users detest the tubs for the same reason.  Additionally, the customer service, in general, is nothing to write home about and lacks long-term customer benefits. 

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

jacuzzi avoid this hot tub brand

This is a household name well known for its unique features and outstanding performance; however, the poor service quality is where the brand loses most of its points. Not to mention the inability to get replacements (even under warranty) that many customers have complained about. The warranty service of this brand is poor, evident upon closer readings of the customer reviews.

The company often makes the case that the parts under warranty are no longer covered and thus must be paid for. Even when certain parts are warranty-covered, the brand goes out of its way to argue why the parts should be exempted. Such issues have brought down the brand name and for the right reasons.

Sundance Spas

another brand to avoid sundance spas

This is yet another household name, and finding it on this list can indeed come as a shock. However, users have had poor experiences with this brand’s hot tubs, primarily due to the lack of quality. Though this is one of the best brands in the industry. users are not happy with the color options and sizes they had to settle for.

Additionally, there are multiple reviews on color fading sizing issues. To add to it, the customer service is also not promising, leaving the concerns of most customers unresolved. 

Futura Spas

futura another hot tub brand to avoid

If you check on Google, this brand has a ⅗ rating. One of the main problems with the brand is the long wait period for replacement parts. Users have to wait for months together to get their damaged tub parts replaced finally. Moreover, the delivery too is not suitable as a few users have received tubs with cracked cabinets and lousy fuses. 

Besides, the brand has one of the most subpar warranty schemes in the trade. Even when covered under warranty, the defective products are not replaced easily and even comes with additional charges. Though the company offers a 25-year warranty, it’s extended only to the primary parts. Additionally, the shipping charges for replacement parts are too high.

Dimension One Spa

dimension one spas is definitely the brand to avoid

The Better Business Bureau has given Dimension One Spas hot tubs a C-rating that shows the poor quality of the brand products. Most users say that the hot tubs from this brand start leaking within 3-4 weeks of use. Moreover, at times the functions available with the tubs stops operating, especially the heating function.

Additionally, the water leakage clogs the surrounding area. Finally, the customer service of the brand is not good.

ALEKO Hot Tubs

The hot tubs from this brand are small in size and inefficient. Though the tubs look good, they do not have many functions that justify the products’ price. In addition, there are issues with the heating, and users claim that the stoves only bring the water to a lukewarm temperature. With the lack of proper heating capability, ALEKO Hot Tubs find their way in this list, and it’s advisable to avoid buying it if heat is what you are looking for.

Best Reliable Hot Tubs Brand

If the list above has raised your concern, don’t worry; a few good brands are worth the look.

Master Spa: The size choices of this brand are vast. Besides, the brand offers customization and upgrades to the tubs after purchase.
Bullfrog spas: This brand’s hot tubs feature interchangeable jets that provide 18 types of massage therapy. In addition to multiple customization features, the company lets one create their spas!
Aquarest Spas: These are relatively compact spas made with superior quality material. In addition to 20 hydrotherapy jets, the tubs include a color-changing LED waterfall and are highly portable.


A hot tub is an investment, so make sure you opt for a brand that will live up to your expectations, guaranteeing you a seamless experience.

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