How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Install‌ ‌Hand‌ ‌Held‌ ‌Shower‌ ‌with‌ ‌ Slide‌ ‌Bar‌?

Having a nice relaxing shower at the end of a rough day is highly desirable. Additionally, the water spray ( if targeted well) can help you deal with chronic muscle pain. However, to get the benefits of the same, you need to install your handheld shower with a slide bar first, and there are a few things to consider before you can do it. 

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Install‌ ‌Hand‌ ‌Held‌ ‌Shower‌ ‌with‌ ‌ Slide‌ ‌Bar‌?
How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Install‌ ‌Hand‌ ‌Held‌ ‌Shower‌ ‌with‌ ‌ Slide‌ ‌Bar‌?

So, if you are planning on installing a handheld shower and a slide bar in your bathroom anytime soon, you have come to the right place. We have answered the most frequently asked questions in this article, so let’s begin!

How to Install Hand Held Shower with Slide Bar

If different members in the house use the same shower, it’s a valid d point to get one with a slide bar. There are multiple benefits of such showers; besides, they can be installed in a variety of configurations. The adults, teens, and elderly can use the slide bar to move the showerhead in any direction, thereby showering comfortably utilizing the water pressure they deem fit.

But, to enjoy the many benefits of a slide bar shower, you will first have to install it well:

► For starters, use a suction cup to attach the shower slide bar to the wall.
► If you have a shower head installed, remove it and lock the pipe to the extension in the wall.
► Next, place the pipe wrench near the walls and loosen it
► Once the pipe is loose enough, remove the pipe under thread by hand.
► Use some Teflon tape to wrap the brass nipple before attaching it to the pipe extending from the wall.
► Use a wrench to tighten the brass nipple. However, leave a small part protruding from the wall. Finally, thread the water supply attachment.
► The water supply attachment must be wrapped with a cloth before tightening the nipple using a wrench.
► Finally, mount the slide bar to the desired height using the slide bar bracket on either side

A slide bar allows users to operate the shower the way they want. Thus it must be mounted at a convenient height. Ideally, it must be placed against the wall with the bottom-end of the slide about fifty-two inches above the bathtub.

How to Install Hand Held Shower with Slide Bar without tools? 

It’s not possible to install a shower head with slide bars by yourself if it requires multiple tools. In that case, you will have to call an experienced plumber and incur additional charges. 

But thankfully, there are a few handheld showers with slide bars that don’t need additional tools for installation, and you can set it up yourself by following a few simple steps:

👍 Firstly, remove the shower extension and attach the slide bar to the pipe if you have an existing showerhead. Make sure you have a flat surface like a marble or tile background on the wall for the attachment to fix smoothly.
👍 Next, attach the hose and the handheld showerhead.
👍 Finally, attach the fixed head and make sure you tighten it properly.

However, there are a few points to consider before you can install the showerhead.

The convenience of the bathroom

Before you can attach the shower head and slide bar, check if your bathroom is convenient for such an installation. To that end, consider the available space in your bathroom. For example, installing a shower with a slide bar will not be a good idea if you have a narrow shower cabin.

Bathtub spout

Mostly, showerheads are attached to the bathtub spout. However, before you can use that for your showerhead, check if it’s versatile and has more than one ending.

Slide bar height

As a rule of thumb, the highest level of the showerhead on the slide bar should be right above your head. Simply put, the higher end of the slide bar should be above your head, and the lower end should be near your chest.

There are many showerheads in the market that you can install without using any tools; one such is the Egretshower Handheld Showerhead. So if you can’t make holes and drills on your bathroom wall, this is one product to try.

Where should a handheld shower be placed?

A slide bar is ideal as it allows you to position the showerhead at a static height convenient for everyone in the house. However, the height you opt for is a matter of preference. While some prefer to have the handheld showerhead installed high over the head, others like it a little closer. 

However, ideally, the handheld shower should be placed 72-78 inches high. When handheld showerheads are placed at this height, everyone can adjust them as per their preference. However, at this height, the kids might need help to bring down the showerhead. 

What is the purpose of a shower slide bar?

If you think about the importance of a shower slide bar, you are in the right place. There are multiple reasons for installing a slide bar in your shower area, and we have the top reasons listed below:

Height adjustment

Shower slide bars can be installed in multiple configurations, be it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. In each adjustment, the water hits the desired muscles ensuring maximum heat penetration and comfort. 

Having multiple heads

You can install multiple hand shower heads with your shower slide bar. That means, with one showerhead, you can massage the back of your neck and even the lower back muscles. This arrangement works out well for those who suffer from chronic back issues. 

Mobility issues

One of the greatest advantages of having a shower slide bar is that it makes it easy for physically challenged individuals to take a shower. For example, individuals can tremendously benefit from using a shower slide bar since they can take a relaxing shower without standing. 

To that end, most hand shower slide bars sold in America meet the Americans with Disability Act to create a safe and secured bath and shower facility for the physically challenged. 

How high should a Shower Slide bar be Mounted?

A handheld shower slide bar in your bathroom will provide you with the best showering experience. One of the greatest advantages of having a shower slide bar installed in your bathroom is that you can adjust the position as per the height and preferences of everyone living in the house. 

Besides, the slide bar allows you to adjust the angle of the water stream. But to enjoy the benefits of the same, the slide bar needs to be mounted properly. If you have to drill holes in the wall for installation, it’s advisable to have a professional plumber do it since if not done correctly, you may end up with a big, costly mess. And if you want to avoid that altogether, you can go for the no-tool installation models available in the market. 

As a rule of thumb, the shower slide bar should be placed in the middle of the wall, both for the sake of functionality and aesthetics. Coming to the height of the slide bar, it’s ideal to have it mounted at least 52 inches above the ground. That way, if you have a 24 inches slide bar, you can have the showerhead placed at 52 to 76 height. However, the exact mounting height depends on the length of the slide bar. 

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Now that you know all about How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Install‌ ‌Hand‌ ‌Held‌ ‌Shower‌ ‌with‌ ‌ Slide‌ ‌Bar‌?, you can go ahead and have it installed in your bathroom. But as mentioned above, make sure you have enough space to do so.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the height at which the slide bar and showerhead will be placed so that you can enjoy a relaxing shower and ensure maximum heat penetration to your muscles. 

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