How Does a Pool Auto Drain Work?

Pool auto drain has been a lifesaver for every pool user. It has always been observed during the rainy season that the pool overflows, irrespective of the shape and size that it possesses. So, here I am going to take a deep dive on how does a pool auto drain work?

With the overflow problem, the biggest connected problem is material damage. 

how does a pool auto drain work?

The overflow issue not damages the pool chemistry but also damages the backyard to some extent. Most of the users felt unsatisfied after investing in the pool because of its overflowing problem.  

The pool auto drain system proved very useful and worth expanding on. With the standard system, they flow water to the filtering system through two or more main drains present at the bottom of the pool and the multiple skimmers drains around the top of the pool. 

Auto drain is an overflow port that empties into the deck drains.

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How does a Pool Auto Drain Work?

The skimmer pool has a filtration system that has a closed circuit, and all the water is sucked into the filtration system by the skimmer only. 

If we talk about Pool Auto Drain, the water is collected in a water tank, and after collection, the water is filtered and redistributed to the pool with the help of several water inlets. The several water inlet refers to floor and multi-flow. 

Moreover, the circuit of this kind is not closed; therefore, the same water moves in and out of the filtration system. Auto drain swimming pools are reconsidered much cleaner than their counterparts. They are considered so due to regular cleaning of water. 

In other cases, the dust particles usually move down to the bottom of the pool, but in the case of Auto drain, the dust particles are forced upward by the floor return inlets. Due to this process, the cleaning gets easier. 

Moreover, the auto drain is not like a toilet tank. It is generally a pipe that goes somewhere, and when the water level reaches the pipe, it flows out.

What Is a Pool Overflow Drain?

Pool overflow drain refers to having a swimming pool with a drainage system in place. They installed this drain system around the pool’s rim and helps manage and prevent water overflows in and around the pools.

The pool overflow drains are often built by swimming pool builders to protect the pool from extra water during the rainy season and proper drainage. It is generally 

Is It Bad for a Pool to be too Full? 

It is not bad for the pool to be too full. There is no compulsion on draining the pool as there is no risk to the pool if it is full. With the pool filled up, the only thing you lose is the skimmer surface cleaning action.

The swimming pool is often overfilled during wetter months. In those months, the water is filled to the top of an above-ground pool causing water to spill over the walls. 

The only issue, as discussed above, is the skimming surface. The overfilling of the swimming pool prohibits the filtering system from cleaning the objects floating on the water.

How do I Drain My Pool After it Rains?

With light sprinkling, you don’t need to drain the water from the pool. But during thunderstorms, the water level in the swimming pool rises, resulting in skimmer invisibility. To drain water from the pool after rain, you can follow some measures below: 

Clearance of Pool Deck

To clean up the pool after the rain, the first thing you can do is sweep the debris from the pool desk. We highly recommend you use a Garden hose to remove all the dirt. Also, you can sweep and spray the waste from the pool to avoid them entering the water.

Manual Process

For removing the particles like leaves, twigs use a flat skimmer or attach the left net to the telescopic pole. If any material is accumulated in it, the instrument will not work properly; in that case, you have to use a pool skimmer or even your hands to bring out the dirt from the container.

Use of Pump and Filter

Turn on the pump again to get the water circulating if you want to remove the contaminants that are too small for the skimmer bits. It happens most of the time that after a thunderstorm, the power is lost. Here, you are required to wait for power to come.

Brushing the Pool

To remove the debris and dirt, we recommend using the good pool brush.


If the pool has less debris and more water, you can vacuum the small amount of debris. The goal is to make the halfway skimmer plate visible or about six to eight inches.

Now that you know How Does a Pool Auto Drain Work? you can understand Pool auto drain severs more easily compared to the traditional drain systems. If the water level is not at the normal level along with the skimmer, then draining the water is not mandatory. The elements required by those kinds of pools are: 

➤ Tank.
➤ Check valve.
➤ Buffet tank control.
➤ Water change system by solenoid valves.
➤ The cost may get slightly high, but it will be worth it.

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