How Much does a Hot Tub Weigh?

Hot tubs are the most relaxing things you can have in your house. At the end of the day, soaking into the hot tub can melt away your stress. But even before you can cherish the joys of a hot tub, you will have to ask the most common logical question, how much does a hot tub weigh?

You will need this information to plan the placement of your hot tub; however, there is no one answer. For starters, the weight of the tub varies between empty and full. Plus, the weight of a four-seater tub will be less than an eight-seater one. 

But we have covered the most pertinent of the questions that you may have below. 

How Much does a Hot Tub Weigh? complete guide
How Much does a Hot Tub Weigh?

How Heavy is an 8-foot Hot Tub? 

To calculate the weight of an 8 ft hot tub, it’s important to consider the material used in the construction and the shape of the unit. Mostly an 8 ft hot tub weighs 400-600 pounds when empty. However, when filled with water, the weight goes up to 6000 lbs. 

How Heavy is a 7-foot Hot Tub? 

The maximum weight of a hot tub can only be calculated by considering the amount of water filled and the number of people sitting in it. Therefore, the number of people a hot tub can accommodate also plays a massive role in determining the total weight of the tub.

Generally, a 7-foot tub can hold up to 420 gallons of water and can accommodate 6-7 people weighing 185 pounds on average. Considering that, the total weight of the tub comes to 5655 pounds. 

What does a 4 Person Hot Tub Weigh? 

Generally, a four-person hot tub weighs about 551 lbs or 250 kg; however, the empty and dry weight will vary. As a rule of thumb, 1 ltr of water weighs about 2.2. lbs Plus, you need to consider the average weight of each occupant, which is about 185 lbs. Mostly an empty 4 seater hot tubs weigh 525 lbs dry and about 4060 lbs when full. 

How Much does a 6 Person Hot Tub Weigh? 

If you are considering buying a 6 seater hot tub, make sure you have enough space to place it. It also helps to make up your mind about where the final placement will be as mostly they are heavy. A six-seater hot tub weighs about 1000 pounds when empty and 6000 pounds when full. 

How Much does a Hot Tub Weigh in KG?

An average weight of a hot tub is about 600 pounds or 267 kgs when empty. However, when it’s water-filled, the weight goes up to 3000 pounds or 1361 kgs. However, this weight cannot be taken as a generalization. The weight of hot tubs in kgs varies as per the shapes and sizes available. Besides, the construction material used also plays a significant role. 

How Much does a 7 Person Hot Tub Weigh?

Mostly a 7 person tub can hold up to 420 gallons of water. Now we have to factor in the people’s weight (lowest 1 and celling 7) by considering the average weight as 185 pounds. This brings the total weight of the hot tub to 5655 pounds.

How Much does an 8 Foot by 8-Foot Hot Tub Weigh? 

While considering the average weight of the hot tub, it’s essential to take into account the thickness of the internal sidewalls, which should be strong enough to support the outward pressure of hundreds of gallons of water weight. It’s also essential to opt for a model that has a strong case.

As known, sturdy material goes on to increase the weight of a tub. To add to that, you have the water weight and the individuals. Factoring in all that, the average weight of an 8-foot-by-8-foot tub comes to 5000 lbs. 

How Much does a Hot Tub Weigh When Full? 

As mentioned earlier, the weight of a hot tub can double when filled with water. On average, a hot tub can weigh 3000 lbs. Now you have to factor in the number of individuals using it at a time. If it’s an average 6-8 person hot tub, it will weigh about 6000 lbs when filled with water. 

How Much does a Hot Tub Weigh Empty? 

Least weight reflects the weight of the hot top when empty. While calculating the weight of a hot tub, it’s essential to consider the size. For instance, a six-person hot tub in an 8″ x 8″ dimension will weigh about 400-600 pounds. However, smaller sizes measuring about 5×7 can weigh around 300 pounds. Of course, some bigger models weighs 2400 pound and above. 

Method to Determine the Actual Weight of Your Hot Tub

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can use to determine the actual weight of your hot tub. The fastest and easiest of the lot is to look for the weight on the owner’s manual, or you can even look it up online on review sites. In case you cannot find that information, it’s advisable to call the manufacturer right away. 

Once you know how much water your hot tub can contain, multiply that with 8.33 lbs that is the water weight per gallon, and add that to the weight of your empty hot tub. 

However, do not forget to factor in the number of people who will be using your tub at a time. However, it can get challenging if you are inviting guests over. Thus keep a higher celling.


Multiple factors go into determining the actual weight of a hot tub, including material, additional features, and size. However, knowing the weight is important to make necessary arrangements to place the hot tub and not require it to move it in the near future. So, gather information related to weight before the purchase to have everything else in order. 

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