How to Clean a Swimming Pool Easily

Cleaning your swimming pool is not as fun as enjoying a good swim in it. But don’t you think your pool also needs regular scrubbing? When was the last time you took out some time to clean your pool? Cleaning the pool might not sound like an amusing activity, but it surely is very important!

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How to clean your swimming pool?

1. Before you start cleaning the pool, it is important for you to make sure that you have all the needed supplies for the cleaning of your pool. Below is a list of equipment you will need to effectively carry out the process:

  • Telescopic Pole
  • Leaf Net
  • Pool Brush
  • Manual pool vacuum or an automated vacuum machine
  • Pool filter

2. To keep your pool in a healthy usable condition, you must regularly brush the side walls. To do this task, you would need to attach brushes to the end of the telescopic pool. You can use brushes of different lengths and sizes as per the requirements and area of your pool. This is a simple task and must be done at least once a week.

3. Use a leaf net to pick out all unnecessary items from the pool like leaves, insects, or some toys which your kids might have left or lost in the pool. The leaf net helps in the skimming of the pool, and with the help, you can make your pool free from any unwanted debris within minutes.

4. Use your vacuum head attached to the telescopic pole or your automated vacuum machine to clean the pool. This step will help make the water clear and free from all unwanted elements that you could not get through the leaf net. There are several types of vacuum heads that you choose from based on the type and surface of your pool.

5. Make sure you have a good pool filter that runs for around 8-10 hours per day. This filter will prevent the invasion of any unwanted particles from making your pool dirty. You must maintain your filter well. there are several types of pool filters which you can choose from-

  • Cartridge filter: the cartridge will last for one to two pool seasons based on your pool usage and how well you maintain your filter. If you are using your pool regularly, it may last for 3- 4 days; otherwise, once in a week isenough for moderate use.
  • Sand and DE filters need to be backwashed regularly to get rid of any clogged dirt or debris. For DE filters, it is important that, along with backwashing, you clean the filter as per the instruction manual every week.

6. The last and most important step of your pool cleaning process is to maintain the right chemical balance. You need to test your water at least 3 times a week for Ph and sanitizer levels. While going through this process, you will understand the impact of weather, climate change, chemical changes, etc. affect the quality of your pool water. Regular testing will ensure that you keep your water chemical levels under control year long!

7. Manage the ph level in your pool based on the surroundings. You can make use of ph increasers or reducers, as the case may be. You need to keep the ph level in the prescribed range. If maintaining ph level is becoming difficult for you, you can also adjust the alkalinity levels and keep them in the ideal range.

8. Sanitizing chlorine tablets is what you will need to keep your pool water free from unwanted bacteria infestations. These tablets release free chlorine in the water and make it clean and healthy to use. Choose good quality sanitizing tablets that can withstand the sun’s rays and last long.

9. Pool shock is the final ingredient which you would need to make your pool clean. It works to free your pool from debris that you could not clean using the skimmer or vacuum. The shock effectively destroys these microscopic creatures. It is important to destroy these as they hamper the process of sanitization done by chlorine and cause irritation and redness on the skin of the users of the pool. The pool shocks also prevent algae formation.

If all you need is crystal clear blue water in your pool, which would tempt you to take a quick dive in it, you must clean your pool. Just having a pool isn’t going to do you any good if you don’t maintain it well. When the pool water is not clean, the bacteria and insects that stay in it cause skin problems. Cleaning the pool is vital for hygienic reasons as well.

So, from now on, you need to stop procrastinating and start acting upon it. Follow the above step-by-step guide to making your pool clear and usable. Enjoy the pool season well in an unspoiled swimming pool.

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