How to Cut up a Hot Tub? Easy Guide

You might be tempted to take away that batted old hot tub taking up a lot of space in your yard. 

The good news is, you can do it. 

However, taking a sledgehammer to it will not help you. Please remember cutting up a hot tub is a lengthy process (if not complicated) and will require you to follow some rules. 

You can cut open your hot tub with a Sawzall, but before you get there, the tub must be taken apart, all electrical and gas connections must be detached, and the tub must be drained. You need to wear safety gear throughout the process.

How to Cut Up a Hot Tub in the Right Way

But we understand it’s easier said than done, so we have divided each step and elaborated them for your better understanding. 

Go through your hot tub manual

Even before you can start cutting your hot tub, you need to know how the internal parts are laid out. For this, you will have to refer to the tub’s user manual. 

Using the manual, locate the electrical hookups, the gas line, and the tub’s pump system, and see how it’s connected. 

Knowing all this will make the process of cutting the tub safe for you. 

Shut the power

After you are done reading the manual and have gathered all necessary information, you will need to shut off the power and the gas connection to the tub before cutting it. Additionally, you need to disconnect the pump and the other machinery connected to it. Eventually, you will have to take these out after removing the tub’s skirt. 

Please ensure that that tub has no electricity connections or power sources plugged in. Any tool impacting live wires in the tub can be fatal. 


In the third step of demolishing your tub, you need to empty it, i.e., drain it of water. 

Though there should be instructions about this step in your manual, the general process is as follows:

  • Make sure the electrical connections to the tub are shut before you start draining it. Since the electrical parts of a hot tub are meant to be underwater, exposure to open air can overheat it and cause a short circuit. 
  • The draining process in itself is taxing and can get messy if the right tools are not used. One such is the sump pump. This gadget allows you to drain the water from the tub easily. In case you don’t have a sump pump, make a DIY drainage system with your garden hose. Attach it to the spigot of your tub ( check the manual for the location) and turn it on to drain the tub. 
  • Do not drain the hot tub water in the lawn or garden; instead, channel it to the drain. The tub water is highly chlorinated, and dumping the same on the lawn can damage the grass and cause flooding. 

Once the tub is empty, it is ready to be disassembled. 

Take apart the tub’s skirt

Before you can cut up your fiberglass or acrylic hot tub, you first need to take apart the tub’s skirt. This is the wooden square around the tub that has the mechanical parts. This acts as a border around the tub. 

To remove the skirt, you first need to unscrew the screws holding the skirt securely. Refer to the user manual again to identify screw locations that are not visible. 

Once you have taken apart the wooden panel, you can access the mechanical parts like pump, filter, heater, and lighting and remove them easily. At this point, the only thing left in the tub is its body. 

Primarily, hot tubs are designed in such a way that you need not need to demolish the tub’s skirt along with the tub. The skirt can be taken out easily without a lot of effort. 

As mentioned, the skirt is mainly screwed together and can thus be taken apart by section. 

Cutting process

This is the most labor-intensive job of the entire process. Since most hot tubs have a fiberglass body, a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw is the best tool for cutting open a tub. Thankfully, these types of saws are strong enough to help you get through the process. 

If you choose any other types of saw, make sure it has deep blades to dig into the tub’s body. You can start cutting the tub from any end you wish after completing the steps mentioned above. 

Start the cutting at low speed, addressing one section at a time. However, keep the pieces small so that they can be transported with ease. 

Do note that cutting a tub gives rise to a lot of dust. The fiberglass dust can get in your nose and eyes and cause a lot of irritation. Thus certain safety measures are essential. 

Safety wears to use to Cut Up a Hot Tub:

Safety goggles:  These protect the eyes from dust and other debris while cutting up the tub. 

Strong gloves: You will need a pair of solid gloves while operating the saw. Make sure you have enough grip to hold the saw steady and work it through. The gloves also protect your hands from all the sharp pieces lying around, which might cut you easily. 

Mask: The dust can damage your nose and lungs as well, so covering up your nose and mouth is essential. However, you need to filter out the debris; thus, opt for a mask with a filter. 

Cover your arms and legs: You want to protect your hand and legs from any flying debris. Thus you need a layer of clothing to prevent yourself from scratches, cuts, and bruises. 

Cutting up a hot tub can indeed be taxing. However, if done in an organized manner, it can require less effort than you initially thought. However, don’t ignore your safety. Wear protective clothing to make sure you don’t hurt yourself during the process. Besides, have something to transport the pieces of your tub from your yard. Keep a cart or wheelbarrow handy to make the work process smooth.  

FAQ: How to Cut up a Hot Tub?

What tools will you need to cut your tub?

You will require a few tools, some of which are:

* Safety gears for your eyes, mouth, and nose
* Screwdrivers or drills
* Saw (Jigsaw it reciprocating saw)
* Traps

Can you use a chainsaw?

Though some people recommend it, it’s not the ideal tool for the job as it might end up breaking. 


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